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Flight Cancellation Rights and Delayed Flight Compensation Rights

flight cancellation rights

My flight was cancelled. Can I make a claim for compensation?

If you are looking for EasyJet cancelled flight rights or Ryanair cancelled flight compensation rights, then you have come to the right place.

When a flight has been cancelled or when a flight has been delayed it can cause serious problems as well as a lot of stress. It’s important to know your rights so you can put them straight into action.

We have spoken to legal experts to provide you with flight cancellation rights. The following advice is also for those people who have had a flight cancelled with other airlines.

delayed flight compensationFlight compensation Law Under EU 261/2004


Our legal experts have revealed that you may be able to claim compensation from the airline or receive a refund under the Denied Boarding Regulation when a flight has been cancelled. Some more good news. If you have had any cancellation flights within the last three years or a delayed flight, then you may be able to claim compensation of up to £520 per person.

Under EU 261/2004, if your flight was cancelled, or if your flight has been delayed for more than free hours then the airline has to provide you with duty of care.

Under the Denied Boarding Regulation the airline is obliged to offer you assistance if your flight has been delayed or cancelled. Depending on the length of time and circumstances of your delay, you could be entitled to:

  • A refund or alternative flight
  • Food, phone calls and accommodation
  • Fight cancellation compensation
  • Delayed flight compensation

You could be entitled to flight compensation which if you can answer yes to the following questions.

  • Was I notified less than 14 days before the flight that my flight was cancelled?
  • You have proof of confirmed flight reservation?
  • The cancelled flight happened within the last three years.
  • The reason why the flight was cancelled was within the airline’s control?
  • If you were offered and took a replacement flight, that arrive caused you a deal to your original flight arrival time.


How much flight cancellation compensation can I expect to receive?


There is a fixed level of compensation that has been set down, the way the compensation on cancelled flights is worked out is on the distance from the departure airport to the destination airport.

  • £216 If the distance is less than 932 miles
  • £346 if the distance is between 932 and 2174 miles
  • £520 if the distance is more than 2174 miles


Am I Entitled To Compensation For My Delayed Flight?


If you have suffered from a delayed flight, then you could be entitled to compensation set down by the EU if you can answer yes to the following questions.

  • I arrived at my destination due to my delayed flight more than three hours than I should have arrived
  • The flight I was on took off in the EU or landed in the EU
  • I checked in for my flight on time and I was not responsible for my flight being delayed
  • My flight was delayed within the last three years
  • The airline that I was flying with was responsible for the delay.

Remember, if your flight has been cancelled or suffered from a delayed flight then you could claim compensation.


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