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Cleethorpes Holiday Resort Not Rated According To A New Poll

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Cleethorpes Holiday Resort Misses Out On The Top 20 Best UK Resorts

Cleethorpes in North East Lincolnshire has once again failed to be named in the top 20 UK holiday resorts; and I’m shocked. In a new report conducted by the travel search engine gopili, they have failed to take notice of the wonders that Cleethorpes has to offer.

OK, I agree that North East Lincolnshire Council should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring Cleethorpes and failing to attract investment.

They seem to be more interested in building flats and houses on any spare land instead of attracting new investment for tourist attractions. I also know people are shocked with the closure of Pleasure Island and the famous Cleethorpes Pier being turned into a chip shop, but Cleethorpes is still an amazing place to take a holiday.

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Cleethorpes still has so much to offer, and Thorpe Park is a great place for a nice holiday for all the family. On top of the great accommodation on offer, and the nice restaurants and pubs, there is also a great beach in Cleethorpes, so why has Cleethorpes failed again to get the recognition it deserves.


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Blackpool has been named as the number one seaside resort in the UK which I will admit did and did not shock me. It didn’t shock me because it’s one of the biggest seaside resorts in the UK, and yes it does have so much to offer. However, Blackpool has become a bit dirty, let’s all be honest about that.

Another negative point about Blackpool is all the adult entertainment, the lap dancing clubs and let’s not forget all the drunks you see up and down the promenade. If it were up to me, then Brighton would have been first choice and Cleethorpes would have been in the top ten.


The top 20 resorts are as follows:


  1. Blackpool
  2. Brighton
  3. Skegness
  4. Newquay
  5. Plymouth
  6. Bournemouth
  7. Whitby
  8. Scarborough
  9. Portsmouth
  10. Bangor
  11. Great Yarmouth
  12. Weymouth
  13. Southport
  14. Eastbourne
  15. Southend
  16. Sunderland
  17. Weston Super Mare
  18. Hastings
  19. Morecambe


It was nice to see that Skegness came third in the report of the best seaside resorts in the UK which was well deserved. Skegness has a lot to offer and is a fun place to visit, but for Cleethorpes not to have made the top 20 should be a criminal offence.


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This morning I have spoken to people who live and work in Cleethorpes, and I have also spoken to business owners in the resort, and they were shocked that Cleethorpes did not make the top twenty, but not surprised. Many of those that I spoke to said it was down to North East Lincolnshire Council and their lack of interest in the resort. One business owner said the council were more than happy to take business rates but were less willing to market the resort and to bring investment and attract new attractions.

He said: “I am not sure how much longer my business can survive with the lack of visitors. We have a great resort, but it could be made a lot better. We lost Winter Gardens to a block of flats, then we lost Cleethorpes Pier to a chip shop, and now we have lost Pleasure Island, what will be next?”

Cleethorpes has always been known for putting on one of the best Carnivals in the UK, but that is another thing that Cleethorpes has lost. It is not surprising that the people of Cleethorpes and the businesses feel let down, but does Cleethorpes really deserve to be left off the list of the best twenty seaside resorts to take a holiday; my answer is No.

What do you think about Cleethorpes, let me know on our official Twitter page.

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