Thursday, May 26, 2022

Wilko To Allow Pets Into Their Stores

Dogs will now be allowed in Wilko stores around the country

  • A new change is coming to Wilko with the news that pets will be allowed into their stores


Wilko who recently announced some of their stores would be closing, including a store in Grimsby, has today announced they will be welcoming pets into hundreds of their stores.

The high street retail outlet has run a pilot scheme and due to its success, they are now allowing pets into hundreds of their stores. They will be allowed to take their pets down different areas of the store except from the food aisles.

In total, 248 stores are going to allow pets into their stores and soon Wilko will be announcing which stores they are. Those stores that will allow pets will have clear signage outside the store.

Wilko has said they expect most of the pets to be either dogs or cats, but other pets are welcome. This has been described as a strange move by many of those in the Greater Lincolnshire area.

We spoke to customers in Skegness, Grimsby, Boston, and Lincoln who had mixed feelings about Wilko allowing pets in their stores. Around 60% of those people we asked felt it was a silly idea and could make shopping at the store an unpleasant experience with barking dogs. Some felt said they were concerned if dogs had accidents in the store.


40% of those we spoke to felt Wilko are doing the right thing. Many of those we spoke to who were dog owners said it they no longer had to leave their dog at home or leave their dog with a partner when going into the store.


Wilko are convinced that the move is a positive step forward and could increase the footfall and profits. It is a radical move which other big retail stores will be watching to see if it works.


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