Metropolitan Police Fine Boris Johnson For Breaking COVID19 Rules

boris johnson breaks covid rules

Boris Johnson Fined by Metropolitan Police or Metropolitan Police Fine Boris Johnson For Breaking COVID19 Rules should be the headline of every newspaper tomorrow. But like the slippery fish Boris Johnson is, he won’t get fined.

It seems Boris Johnson who easily won the General Election to become Prime Minister has now become one of the most if not the most hated Prime Minister in history. Not only has he become one of the most hated Prime Ministers that has ever been elected, but he has also managed to overtake Donald Trump as the most hated world leader.

People do not hate Boris Johnson because he has mishandled the COVID19 pandemic. Let us be honest, he has made some seriously stupid mistakes. One minute he tells people to keep their distance, and the next minute he is paying for half their meals and cramming them in restaurants so the virus can multiply like it is having a party. People have turned against him because he floats the COVID19 rules when he feels like it and lets his family and other MPs do the same.

Believe it or not, people understand that running the country during a pandemic is hard. It is easy to speak out about the mistakes he has made because the COVID19 pandemic is new. But when the idiot refused to sacked Dominic Cummings for breaking the rules, and then he refuses to speak out against his dad for breaking the rules, then people become angry.

Boris Johnson lost the confidence of a lot of people when he refused to sack Dominic Cummings. Now, he has lost the respect of most people due to his breaking the COVID19 rules by going for a bike ride. As a result of him breaking the rules, the police were forced to backtrack and rip up a fine they gave to two women.

It is not just the people who are angry with Boris Johnson, some of his own MPs are angry. Publicly his MPs are backing him. Privately, we have spoken to some MPs who are angry. One MP who does not wish to be named told me that Boris Johnson has insulted all those working on the front line when he broke the COVID19 rules. Another MP has said if Boris Johnson does not resign before the next general election then a lot of Conservative MPs will be looking for new jobs when Labour becomes the next ruling party.

The big question is. Why has the Metropolitan Police ignored Boris Johnson’s rule-breaking? The simple answer is they are scared. If it was someone else like me or you who did the same, then we would have got a £200 fine. But it seems Boris Johnson can tell people to do things while he does the opposite.

Since Boris Johnson broke the COVID19 rules, we have had over 1,000 NHS workers contact our magazine to say how angry they are. Some of them have said Boris Johnson breaking the rules has sent a clear message that they are wasting their time.

What we need to see is for MPs to tell Boris Johnson to apologize for breaking the rules. We need the police to issue Boris Johnson with a fine. However, Boris Johnson never says sorry, and we do not have a police force that has the bottle to do what is right and issue the Prime Minister with a fine.