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Men Prefer Natural Breasts And Not Fake Breasts

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Men prefer natural breasts. When you have the likes of Katie Price spending a great deal of money to have her breasts improved, and other celebrities that have followed her, you would have thought that men love fake boobs. Apparently not.

Katie Price has gone overboard with her boob jobs to make herself look better and feel more confident, and she is not the only celebrity. Anna Faris, Vicky Pattison and Kaley Cuoco have all gone under the knife with the average breast enlargement procedure costing £4,118. So, we wanted to find out why so many women were having boobs jobs and if men prefer natural breasts or do they really like fake boobs. To find out the answer we ran a survey with our male readers, and we were very surprised.


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We asked 2,000 of our male readers to give us their honest opinion about breast enlargements and natural breasts, and sorry girls, but with the results that have come back it seems you are wasting your money.

70 per cent of our male readers said they would rather date or marry a woman with small breasts than date a woman who has had a boob job. Our survey found that men prefer a woman who has breasts that are in proportion of the rest of the body.

Russell Brand once commented in an interview that he preferred natural breasts compared to fake boobs.

“I prefer natural, to tell you the truth. In my thoroughly researched and valid academic view, they look amazing: the symmetry, the softness, the roundness…it’s the touch too.”

Welsh Presenter Steve Jones who once dated Baywatch Star Pamela Anderson disagrees with Russell Brand. When he was asked what he thought about fake boobs he replied: “If you want to know what implants are like, push your calf muscle against your leg. That’s what fake t*ts feel like.” He added, “I find implants very sexy.”

Most of those men questioned had something to say about the ‘type’ of girl they thought would get a boob job. 60 per cent said they considered a girl who has under gone breast augmentation to be ‘insecure’ or ‘vain’. Richard, 20, from Manchester admitted, “I would think she’s been more sexually active than a girl with natural breasts.”

So, for those 8,000 women who had a book job last year could be wasting their time if they are looking to impress the opposite sex.

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