Thursday, January 27, 2022

Germany Takes Tenerife Off High Risk Covid Areas

  • The Canary Islands are now at the lowest risk level for Covid in Germany


Great news for Tenerife and the other Islands after Germany announced from Sunday the Canary Island will no longer be on its high-risk Covid areas. Germany officials have been impressed with the Covid improvements on the Canary Islands,

This announcement is great news for those Tenerife businesses that rely on tourism. And although Tenerife need other countries to follow suit to boost tourism numbers, this is a positive step in a long and hard battle.

It is now hoped that Tenerife will start to benefit from the positive news and see an increase in tourists from Germany.


Data for Friday 20th August 2021:

New cases: 294

Tenerife: 136

Gran Canaria: 123

Fuerteventura: 15

Lanzarote: 15

La Palma: 4

El Hierro: 1

La Gomera: 0


Current Incidence rate (IA7): 98.26         

(Cases last 7 days: 2,139)

Fuerteventura: 115.26

Gran Canaria: 103.56

Tenerife: 103.06

Lanzarote: 73.81

El Hierro: 53.83

La Palma: 35.95

La Gomera: 18.45


Current Incidence rate (IA14): 256.03

(Cases last 14 days: 5,572)


Tenerife: 280.10

Gran Canaria: 278.31

Fuerteventura: 239.70

Lanzarote: 143.76

El Hierro: 80.74

La Palma: 67.10

La Gomera: 50.74



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