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Asylum Seeker Bribed To Move To Rwanda

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Rishi Sunak Has Finally Sent The First Asylum Seeker To Rwanda

The Government and Rishi Sunak have claimed for a long time that they will tackle the illegal migration problem, but it seems they are so desperate to get results, that they are now bribing asylum seekers.


The Government proudly announced that the first asylum seeker was flown to Rwanda on Monday. But what the Government was forced to embarrassingly reveal is they were forced to pay the failed asylum seeker £3,000 to fly to Rwanda.

This is an embarrassment for Rishi Sunak who has failed on all his promises since moving into number 10. Rishi Sunak claimed tackling illegal migrants would be his priority, but with more than 1,000 people coming to the UK in boats last week, it shows with all his hot air he should be a hot air balloon rather than the leader of the UK.

This is not the only embarrassing news this week. Out of 5,700 failed asylum seekers who were due to be removed from the UK, 2,145 have gone missing. Not only has Rishi Sunak proven that he has forgotten many of his policies, but he has also forgotten where his illegal asylum seekers are.

Offering £3,000 to failed asylum seekers is seen as an insult to those struggling due to the cost of living, and to those unable to work due to disability. It is also a shock to NHS staff who deserve to be paid more.

The £3,000 bribe is a shock to those disabled people who have been left worried by Rishi Sunak’s shocking news that he is to force people to work who have medical problems.

Rishi Sunak has claimed that he needs to save money and that is why he is targeting the vulnerable people on PIP. This makes no sense when in 2022 he spent £3.7 billion on illegal migrants and in 2023 he spent £4.3bn. This year that figure will increase.

Disabled people in Lincolnshire, including in Skegness, Boston, Spalding, Grimsby, Skegness, Lincoln, and Scunthorpe, are shocked to learn that failed asylum seekers are going to receive £3,000 to leave the UK.

Mark from Grimsby who is on PIP said the £3,000 bribe to illegal Migrants is an insult to all those struggling with the cost-of-living, and those who are disabled.

“In my day when you broke the law, you were put in prison. Coming to the UK illegally is a crime, but instead of punishing them and sending them back, we instead reward them with £3,000. Rishi Sunak needs to go.”


First Asylum Seeker Bribed To Move To Rwanda


Mark is not the only person who is shocked, we have spoken to people in Skegness, Spalding, Lincoln, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, and Grantham, who have said the £3,000 given to failed asylum seekers could be used to help homeless people, and the NHS.

The general feeling out of the one hundred people we have spoken to which includes nurses, doctors, and disabled people is Rishi Sunak is wasting money. 92 of the people we spoke to who said they would not vote for Conservative at the next General Election have said flying the first failed asylum seeker to Rwanda is a gimmick.

Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper also believes it is a gimmick. She said: “The Tories are so desperate to get any flight off to Rwanda before the local elections that they have now just paid someone to go. British taxpayers aren’t just forking out £3,000 for a volunteer to board a plane, they are also paying Rwanda to provide him with free board and lodgings for the next five years. This extortionate pre-election gimmick is likely to be costing on average £2million per person.”

“The country can’t afford more of this Conservative chaos. Labour has a practical plan to strengthen Britain’s border security with a new cross border police unit, working with enforcement agencies across Europe to smash the smuggling gangs at source and to stop the boats arriving at the French coast in the first place.”

Rishi Sunak has not only lost the confidence of people living in the UK, but he has also lost the confidence of most of his party. More than 60 Conservative MPs will not stand at the next General Election.

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