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Rishi Sunak Asleep Over Record Migrant Numbers

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More than 800 migrants crossed the English Channel in small boats on Saturday

Rishi Sunak is being accused of being asleep over the migrant crisis. On Saturday 2 September, the highest number of migrants on a single day crossed the channel.


The Prime Minister has been accused of being asleep on the job when it comes to dealing with the migrant crisis. With news that Skegness business owners are angry at the popular seaside resort being turned into a migrant capital, a record number of migrants crossed the channel on Saturday 2nd September.

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Rishi Sunak has wasted £478 million of taxpayers’ money which he gave to the French to stop the migrants crossing the channel. But, just like Rishi Sunak, the French government has also been accused of being asleep.

Questions have been asked about why Rishi Sunak gave the French Government the money and what they are doing with it. With record numbers crossing the channel, it doesn’t seem it is being used to stop the migrants entering the UK illegally.

On Saturday, a staggering 872 migrants made the perilous journey on 15 small vessels, averaging around 58 individuals per boat. This surpasses the previous high of 756 people recorded on August 10.

Since the start of 2023, a total of 20,973 migrants have successfully crossed the Channel, despite Rishi Sunak’s pledge to “stop the boats.” However, it is worth noting that the overall figure for this year is lower compared to the same period last year when 25,000 individuals had already made the treacherous journey.

The highest number of crossings in a single day since records began in 2018 remains 1,295, recorded on August 22, 2022.

The arrivals on Saturday contribute to a weekly total of 1,172 migrants who have made the journey, with crossings being recorded on just two out of six days. Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, 300 migrants arrived, adding to the growing numbers. The frequency and scale of these crossings raise concerns about the government’s ability to effectively address the issue.

The surge in migrant crossings has sparked criticism, with Labour Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper accusing the prime minister of “badly breaking his promise” to curb illegal immigration. Cooper also criticized the Conservative government for failing to gain control over criminal smuggling gangs operating on Britain’s borders. These criticisms highlight the need for a comprehensive and effective approach to tackling the issue.

As part of the government’s anti-immigration policies, a plan to detain almost everyone who enters the UK illegally and deport them to Rwanda has been proposed but not implemented.


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In August 2023, the average number of migrants crossing the Channel per boat reached a new monthly high. A total of 5,369 individuals made the journey in 102 boats, averaging around 53 migrants per vessel. This monthly average represents the highest recorded since records began in 2018, underscoring the urgency of finding effective solutions to address the crisis.

Although some of the public agrees with migrants being housed, others have questioned why the government is wasting more than £5 million a day housing migrants who officially are entering the country illegally and could be classed as criminals.

A large portion of the public is against the housing of migrants while taxpayers are struggling daily to pay bills and feed their children. Some are disgusted that they are struggling to pay their mortgage while migrants are being put in 4-star hotels.

One thing that most people agree on, that is Rishi Sunk is not dealing with the problem and money is being wasted on the problem

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