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Rishi Sunak Government Putting More Children Into Poverty

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Out of touch Rishi Sunak who with his wife gave $3million to a mega-rich US college while UK schools scrimp and save to afford even the basics, has been accused of putting children’s lives at risk.

With the rising cost of living and the Government’s lack of interest of helping the vulnerable, families are struggling like never before. With the axed £20 a week boost to UC, research by the End Child Poverty has found that the number of children living in poverty has increased by 600,000 to  4.2 million.

The research which involved families in Skegness, Manchester, Boston, Grimsby, Lincoln, Newcastle and beyond, found that 71% of those children in poverty were living in a household where at least one adult was working.

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The shocking withdrawal of the £20-a-week boost to Universal Credit has seen even more families struggling. Some families reported that parents were not eating a meal every day in order to make sure that their children were being fed.

The research found that poverty in the North East has increased from 26% to 35% while in the West Midlands it has risen from 30% to 38%. In the East Midlands poverty amongst children has risen from 25% to 33%, which shows how the lack of help by the government is putting children’s lives at risk.

Joseph Howes, chair of the End Child Poverty Coalition, said: “The pandemic and cost of living crisis have meant more and more children are having to go without food and a warm home.

“These statistics show that the trends in child poverty are particularly worrying in parts of the UK such as the North East and Midlands.”

He added: “There is one policy change that we know would make a direct and immediate difference, and that is to scrap the two-child limit for those claiming Universal Credit.

“The policy is unfair in the indiscriminate impact it has on children, and there is no evidence it has achieved its aims.

“Abolishing the two-child limit would immediately lift 250,000 children out of poverty, and the government could make this change now.”

While the government is forcing the taxpayer to spend £7 million a day on hotel accommodation for refugees, it seems the Government are not interested in spending money on families who put into the system and stop the endless struggling.

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