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TUI Destroyed My Holiday Says Mum

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Family’s TUI trip to Egypt ruined as mum ends up on drip in hospital

Clare and Robert Green paid out £1,700 per person to stay at the luxury resort in Egypt with their three kids and her parents, but the holiday became the holiday from hell when they were struck down with a nasty bug


Planning a family vacation is always exciting, but what happens when a dream trip turns into a nightmare? This was the unfortunate reality for the Green family, who embarked on a luxury holiday at the Jaz Aquamarine resort in Hurghada, Egypt.

Clare and Robert Green, along with their children Harry, Oliver and Teddy, and Clare’s parents Denise Neil and dad Raymond Eaton booked their dream trip through TUI, hoping for a memorable experience. However, their luxury holiday turned into a holiday from hell when they all fell ill with a debilitating bug just a few days into their holiday.

The Green family set off on their holiday to the Jaz Aquamarine resort in Hurghada, Egypt with the hopes of an amazing holiday full of memories. Little did they know that their dream getaway would soon turn into a nightmare.

Soon after their arrival, they were joined by family friends to celebrate the successful heart surgery of their little girl. However, joy quickly turned to distress as one by one, they all fell victim to an insidious illness. Vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps – these symptoms plagued them relentlessly, leaving them bedridden and unable to enjoy their holiday.

holiday nightmare tui

The illness got so bad that Clare Green, 38, was forced to go to a local hospital abroad where she was given intravenous antibiotics. What should have been a magical holiday turned into a holiday full of stress.

On their return to the UK from their nightmare TUI holiday, Clare, her 10-year-old son, and her mum and dad all went to their GP regarding their illness. The GP told Clare that she was dehydrated with high blood pressure. Eight-year-old Teddy has recovered. However, Clare, Rpbert, Oliver, and Harry are still experiencing symptoms from the holiday ordeal. Clare’s mum and dad still suffer from stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

Accounts manager Clare Green said she was the first to fall ill on July 26 before Teddy and Denise were struck down the day after. She explained that Robert, 37, then began to fall ill as well as Oliver on July 28. Harry and Raymond started showing symptoms on July 31, Harry and Raymond were also seeing symptoms. That same day, Clare was taken to hospital due to her condition worsening.

Clare Green told the Liverpool Echo: “We had saved so long for our family holiday and were all really looking forward to it. By the end of the first week, however, both me and Teddy were very unwell. Over the next few days, we were all struck down with it. Our holiday was completely ruined.

“I remember feeling so ill that I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I ended up going to hospital where I was put on a drip. The whole experience was horrific, and we all wish we’d never booked it. The worst part was seeing my children ill and not being well enough myself to comfort them.”

She added: “We did a lot of research into the resort, but it was only after I became sick that I heard others had been unwell. The thing that stands out to me was the food. It was left uncovered with new food added to food already there. It was never piping hot either, and quite often I’d see flies around it.

“I also recall that the pool was closed, and we were told it was due to contamination, which really doesn’t sound good. We’ve been back a few weeks now and other than Teddy, we’re all still feeling pretty rough. While we can’t change what happened, we just want some answers. It’s the least we deserve.”

Upon their return to the UK, the Green family decided to take action. They enlisted the help of serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the circumstances surrounding their illness.

A TUI spokesperson said that they were sorry to hear of the party’s illnesses but said it was not raised to them during their holiday “Unfortunately, we were only made aware of this incident upon the group’s return to the UK. We always encourage customers to report issues of this nature to our reps at the hotel so that we can offer comprehensive support in resort. As this is now a legal matter, it would be inappropriate to comment any further.”eir trip.

Clare Taylor, who says her symptoms are still ongoing, said: “The holiday was supposed to be an enjoyable time for us all, and we’re disappointed and upset that it was ruined by illness.

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