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No Point Giving People A Pay Rise Says Boris Johnson

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  • Boris Johnson has once again shocked people by claiming there is no point in giving workers an inflation-busting pay rise


At a time when Boris Johnson’s popularity is at an all-time low, and on the day that he has said he will be running to be Prime Minister for a third term, the clown of politics has said there is no point in giving public sector staff a pay rise.

Boris Johnson who was speaking at the G7 Summit in Bavaria has dismissed giving public sector staff pay rise of over 3% even though the cost-of-living crisis and prices rising at 9.1% annually is causing misery for tens of millions of people.

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Public sector staff in the UK including London, Skegness, Grimsby, Manchester, Lincoln, and Birmingham were shocked when Boris Johnson said there is no point in giving people a pay rise. The Prime Minister has claimed that things will start to get better.

Asked if teachers, doctors, and nurses should only be getting 3% hikes, he told ITV News: “I’m not going to give a comment on each offer or suggestion that the pay review bodies may make.

“But what I would say to you is that, at a time when you’ve got inflationary pressures in an economy, there’s no point in having pay rises that just cause further price rises because that just cancels out the benefit.

“I know that people will find that frustrating. but I’ve got to be realistic with people about where we are.

“I think – I’m pretty certain of this – that our inflationary pressures will abate over time, and things will start to get better.”

He insisted the Government was “taking the sensible and responsible decisions to have the strongest possible economic recovery” from the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to the Government’s mishandling of the cost-of-living crisis, and the false claims Boris Johnson made in his campaign to leave the EU, people are now having to choose between, eating, heating, and putting petrol in their vehicles.

Teachers are so angry about the lack of support from the Government are their shocking pay that they could soon join rail workers by going on strike.

With the Bank Of England economist predicting inflation will rise to 11% in the autumn, those struggling, and some MPs are wondering when Boris Johnson and his Government will wake up and deal with the cost of living crisis.

The next General Election which Boris Johnson said he will lead his party into could be the most embarrassing defeat for the Conservative Party in the history of politics. With more loyal tory voters turning their backs on Boris Johnson, the Labour Party could walk into Number 10 without breaking a sweat.

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