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Greece Rhodes Wildfires: Understanding Your Rights

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Greece Rhodes Wildfires: Understanding Tourist Rights Amidst the Chaos

The escalating wildfire situation on the Greek island of Rhodes has left thousands of tourists in a state of uncertainty. Approximately 20,000 individuals are believed to have been compelled to abandon their holiday dreams as the inferno intensifies across this popular vacation spot.

Graphic visuals originating from the island depict an alarming scene, reminding many of an apocalyptic scenario. Instead of basking in the bliss of a dream vacation, tens of thousands of tourists are experiencing a frightful reality, either escaping on foot or through organized evacuation procedures. As the island residents look on helplessly, firefighters are battling against the odds, with high winds further exacerbating their efforts.


But what options are available for those who had planned a trip to the island or had their vacation abruptly interrupted?


Flight Cancellations to Rhodes

Greece Rhodes Wildfires

In response to the serious situation, major holiday package airlines, including Jet2 and TUI, have suspended all flights and holiday packages to Rhodes. Jet2 has committed to flying the scheduled aircraft, albeit without any passengers, to bring back customers to the UK. TUI, on the other hand, has decided to cancel all flights and prearranged holidays to Rhodes for the forthcoming days.


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Statements from Jet2 and TUI

Jet2 released an official statement indicating, “We have cancelled all flights and holidays that are due to depart to Rhodes today. We will be contacting affected customers to update them, and to let them know that they will be provided with a full refund and the opportunity to rebook.”

Simultaneously, TUI stated, “The situation in the Southern part of Rhodes remains volatile and challenging. Due to this and considering the impact on local communities being affected, TUI has decided to cancel all flights and booked holidays to Rhodes for departures up to and including Tuesday, 25th July.”


Can I get a refund if I’ve booked with another operator?

For those who have booked with other operators who have not yet announced cancellations or refunds, reclaiming your money might be more complicated. At present, it is unlikely that you will be able to secure a refund. However, this could change depending on the advice from the Foreign Office. If travel to Rhodes is advised against, everyone would be eligible to claim a refund.

As of now, the Foreign Office is advising British travellers affected by the fires to follow the guidelines provided by the local Greek authorities.


Will My Travel Insurance Cover Me Against Rhodes Wildfire Cancellation?

Your travel insurance can play a pivotal role in such a situation. However, this largely depends on the advice from the Foreign Office. Unless the government advises against travel to the area, holidaymakers cannot claim guaranteed compensation.

As per a spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers, “The primary purpose of travel insurance is to cover the costs of emergency medical treatments or repatriation should the worst happen. It can cover you if you need to cancel or cut short your holiday, but it’s likely this will only be under limited circumstances.”

It’s essential to check the coverage of your travel insurance as it varies across policies. In certain cases, if you give adequate notice, you might be able to cancel and receive some money back or rearrange for a fee.

The Rhodes wildfire situation is evolving, and the future remains uncertain. For both tourists and residents, it’s a challenging time. If you’re unsure or concerned about travelling to the area, it’s recommended to check with your travel provider and stay updated with advice from the Foreign Office.

The catastrophe underscores the importance of comprehensive travel insurance and being alert to the conditions of your holiday destination. While we hope for the best for the people of Rhodes and the tourists stranded there, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of travel and the importance to purchase the best travel insurance possible.


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