Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Stop Kingfisher Caravan Park Row Says Skegness Residents

East Lindsey Council battle with Kingfisher Caravan Park Caravan Owners is wasting public money according to those living in Skegness

  • Skegness residents and business owners are fed up with the Kingfisher legal battle


The Kingfisher Caravan Park legal battle is still continuing much to the anger of local residents in Skegness and business owners.

The legal row between East Lindsey Council and caravan owners on the Kingfisher Caravan Park has already cost the council more than £30k in legal fees.

With East Lindsey Council refuses to see common sense and compromise with the caravan owners, the case will now be heard in the High Court later this month. That means even more money being wasted on legal fees by the council.

We have been following the row between East Lindsey Council and the caravan owners on the Kingfisher Caravan Park from the beginning.

The row centres around East Lindsey Council changing the age limits on caravans on their park which has left the caravan owners with a nasty tase in their mouths.

The council informed caravan owners in October 2019 that no caravans older than 15 years would be allowed on the site. The council said this new rule would be brought in at the end of 2021.

Caravan owners on the park were shocked with the rule change with some of them having just bought older caravans.

93 caravan owners on the Kingfisher Caravan Park started legal action after they said the changes were unfair.

Stuart Allen representing all of the caravan owners in the battle has said they have tried everything to get the council to the table and to see sense. With the council refuse to budge, they have had no option but to take legal action.

Residents in Skegness and surrounding areas have said they want the legal action to stop and for East Lindsey Council to see sense.

The feeling by residents is the council is wasting public money. It is not just residents who are angry. Local businesses have said the row between the council and the caravan owners is giving Skegness a bad name.

Some business owners fear the row will have a major impact on tourism and don’t understand why the council are trying to damage the seaside resorts public image.

If the caravan owners on the Kingfisher caravan park win their case, then it could help other caravan owners around the country who are also battling their caravan parks over unfair practices.


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