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Fans Feel Let Down By Robbie Williams

  • Robbie Williams is outpricing real fans from his concerts according to some fans


Since news that Robbie Williams was touring again fans became excited, that was until they saw the price of the tickets.

Robbie Williams is touring Manchester, Birmingham, London, and Glasgow which should have been music to his fan’s ears. However, with prices starting at £81.50 and ranging all the way past £200 plus to get closer to the stage, fans are shocked.

This morning when the Robbie Williams tickets went on sale, we have had fans contact us from Manchester, London, Skegness, Boston, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, and Liverpool who have said they feel let down by Robbie Williams. They have said that Robbie Williams is not living in the real world and is outpricing his real fans.

Some comments we have had include Mike from Manchester who said: “We are going through a financial crisis where people are struggling to put food on the table, and Robbie Williams with his greed is denying people a few hours away from the stress by selling tickets at shocking prices.”

Another fan called Sarah from Skegness said: “I was so excited when it was revealed that Robbie was going on tour. I went up for the tickets to go online and then when the prices were revealed I just cried. I could not believe he would do this to his fans.”

Neil from Boston who said he has been to every concert by Robbie Williams and Take That said he refuses to pay the shocking prices that Robbie Williams is asking for his tickets.

Louise from Scunthorpe said: “I feel Robbie has lost his way. Normally his tickets sell within hours but there are loads of tickets still available. I can see when he does perform, he will be performing to a lot of empty seats.”

This was supposed to be the big come back tour, but it seems that Robbie Williams has got his fans backs up. Instead of making his tickets affordable for his fans he is pricing them out of the market which some fans are calling it pure greed.

Time will tell if he can sell all the seats for his concerts, but at the time of going to press, it seems he is struggling. But one thing is for sure, Robbie Williams could lose a lot of fans due to the shocking prices of his tickets.


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