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What Are The New Alcohol Ban Rules in Ibiza and Majorca

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Alcohol Ban Rules In Ibiza and Majorca Confuses Lincolnshire Holidaymakers

Travel agents in Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Spalding, and Lincoln have been dealing with lots of customers’ confusion over the new alcohol ban and how it could affect their holiday.


When it was announced a new alcohol ban was being brought in in Ibiza and Majorca, holidaymakers of all ages were left confused about how it could affect their holiday.

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Holidaymakers from all over Lincolnshire including Skegness, Grantham, and Louth have been left wondering if they should cancel their holiday or change their plans of booking a holiday in Ibiza and Majorca. Travel agents have told Lincolnshire News Today the announcement has been handled badly by the Spanish authorities.

Due to the lack of information, some holidaymakers are unsure if they will be able to purchase alcohol from clubs in Ibiza and Majorca, while others are worried if their all-inclusive will finish in hotels at 9.30pm. Lincolnshire News Today has now spoken to the experts and has put together detailed information on the new alcohol ban in Ibiza and Majorca so people thinking of visiting the popular resorts have all the information they need.

With all the complaints over the years about unruly behaviour in Ibiza and Majorca, and with local business owners calling on the authorities to make the resorts a more family environment, authorities have now listened.


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Visitors to the resorts of Llucmajor, Palma, Calvia (including Magaluf) in Majorca, as well as Sant Antoni in Ibiza, will now face restrictions on purchasing alcohol from stores between 9:30 PM and 8:00 AM. Although a lot of family-oriented businesses have said the ban does not go far enough, it is a start in the right way.

The alcohol ban in Ibiza and Majorca has also affected the popular party boats. Under the alcohol ban, the party boats will no longer be able to operate within a mile of the locations with the ban.

Those new alcohol regulations could lead to hefty fines, ranging from €645 to as much as €3,000, depending on the severity of the offense.

Despite these restrictions, it’s worth noting that the alcohol ban does not extend to bars, restaurants, or clubs—so your night out might still be lively, just within more controlled settings.

Majorca alcohol ban

Questions & Answers On The Ibiza and Majorca Alcohol Ban


How long is the Ibiza and Majorca alcohol ban?

The alcohol ban in Majorca and Ibiza will last until 2027


What times of day will the alcohol ban be in place?

The alcohol ban is between 9.30 PM and 8.00 am.


Will I Be able to buy alcohol in clubs in Ibiza and Majorca after .9.30 PM?

Yes! Clubs, restaurants, and hotels will be able to continue to sell alcohol


Why has the alcohol ban in Majorca and Ibiza been introduced?

This alcohol ban aims to reduce overnight disturbances and promote a more controlled environment for both residents and visitors.


What areas are affected by the alcohol ban?

The most impacted areas include Llucmajor, Palma, and Calvia, which includes Magaluf in Majorca, as well as Sant Antoni in Ibiza.


Opposition From Some Local Businesses

Although a lot of the family-oriented businesses believe it is about time that the alcohol ban has been brought it, not all businesses are happy. Some business leaders are concerned that more bans could be brought in, which could include clubs and pubs being forced to shut early.


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Some businesses that attract younger holidaymakers such as hen and stag parties are concerned the current ban will put people off and damage the businesses and put jobs at risk.

It is feared that other resorts in Spain including Benidorm could shortly be affected by the new alcohol ban. If this does happen, then stag and hen parties could be forced to look for other countries for their annual holidays.

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