ASDA and Tesco Home Delivery Charges Should Be Scrapped

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While more than 1,000 people are dying daily from COVID19, and millions of vulnerable people are shielding, it seems ASDA and Tesco are laughing all the way to the bank.

ASDA and Tesco have said they are there for their customers, but they are bleeding them dry. COVID19 is killing people, that is a fact. COVID19 has been scared, another fact. COVID19 is putting people into debt, another fact. But it seems supermarkets like ASDA and Tesco do not care. All they care about is the huge profits they are making.

Tesco and ASDA have been the big winners of COVID19. I do not think their profits have ever been as big as they have been since the pandemic. But instead of scrapping their delivery charges, or donating them to buy PPE equipment, they are enjoying the huge windfall that the pandemic has brought them.

After receiving hundreds of emails from shocked customers, we have investigated the delivery fees that ASDA and Tesco are charging. And to be honest, I felt sick. I feel disgusted that Tesco and ASDA feel it is right when people are dying and while people could be forced to lose their homes, that they can continue to charge people who are unable to leave their home, or too scared to go into a supermarket.

Tesco supermarket is raking it in by charging customers £4.50 to have their food delivered. That £4.50 could be used for extra shopping. However, even though I am disgusted with Tesco and how unsafe it is to shop and work there, they are not the only ones raking it in. Asda has some delivery slots available for £5.25, which is shocking. Imagine what an old or vulnerable person could buy with £5.25?

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We have received hundreds of emails from vulnerable people and NHS workers. Vulnerable people who are being forced to shield have said they are being held to ransom by supermarkets. While NHS workers have said supermarkets should be ashamed of themselves for making money from the pandemic.

Maureen from Manchester contacted In2town Lifestyle Magazine to say how disgusted she was that supermarkets were charging her when she was shielding. She explained that normally she would go to the supermarket herself, but now due to COVID19, she is being held to ransom.

One nurse who did not want to be named, contacted In2town to say that supermarkets should not be making profits from home delivery. She explained that people should be staying at home, but instead they are going into supermarkets to save on the delivery fee.

“I work on the front line and I am angry with supermarkets. They should not be charging for home delivery during the pandemic, and if they are going to charge then how about using it to pay for PPE equipment.”

We have had hundreds of people complaining about ASDA and Tesco, and to be honest both supermarkets should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of looking after their customers as they keep claiming, they are profiting from the pandemic.

Boris Johnson should be looking into Tesco and ASDA and tell them to stop charging for delivery during the pandemic.

90% of those people who contacted In2town said once the pandemic is over, they will boycott them.

So, our message for ASDA and Tesco is, stop making profits fro the pandemic and do what is right.