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McDonald’s Responds To Sexual Assault, Racism, and Bullying Claims

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McDonald’s Faces Sexual Assault, Racism, and Bullying Claims as Workers Speak Out

  • The allegations paint a horrific picture of the work environment at McDonald’s, with some workers stating that managers were often responsible for the harassment and assaults.


McDonald’s, one of the largest employers in the UK, is under fire due to allegations of sexual assault, racism, and bullying according to a recent BBC investigation. Over 100 current and former employees have spoken out about the toxic work environment they were subjected to while working in the fast-food chain.

The claims are not new, and in 2019, the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union reported that 1,000 women had been subjected to sexual harassment and abuse while working at McDonald’s restaurants. However, the recent investigation by the BBC has revealed further concerning allegations.

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According to the testimonies of the employees in the investigation by the BBC, sexual assault and harassment were distressingly prevalent at McDonald’s. Out of the 100 workers who shared their experiences, 31 reported instances of sexual assault, while 78 recounted incidents of sexual harassment. Shockingly, some of the victims were as young as 17 years old.

One former employee, who began working at McDonald’s at the age of 16, detailed how older male colleagues would take advantage of the cramped kitchen layout to inappropriately touch younger female staff members. Despite reporting the incident to senior management, no action was taken, leaving her with no choice but to resign.

Another employee, aged 17, endured both sexual and racial harassment from an older male coworker. After months of enduring the abuse, she finally sought help from her stepfather, who contacted the franchise, corporate officers, and the police. Only then was the harasser allegedly fired.

One employee claimed that a senior manager at a restaurant grabbed her on the bum and choked her. In addition to the sexual misconduct, allegations of racism and discrimination within McDonald’s have also come to light.

Among the workers who shared their stories, 18 claimed to have experienced racism, while six reported incidents of homophobia.

One employee, originally from India, revealed that her coworkers would imitate her by speaking in a mocking and derogatory manner. Furthermore, she recounted an incident where a Pakistani colleague was subjected to racial slurs. These instances of racial abuse highlight the need for a more inclusive and respectful work environment at McDonald’s.

The employees’ testimonies also shed light on a culture of bullying within the company. Many workers reported that managers were often responsible for the harassment and assaults, and some even engaged in sexual relationships with junior staff members, despite such relationships being against company policy.

Young women, in particular, faced immense difficulties at McDonald’s. Some employees revealed that they were forced to wear uniforms that were too tight, with managers ignoring their discomfort. These incidents, along with the derogatory treatment and objectification of female staff members, created a toxic work environment where harassment seemed to be the norm.

In response to the allegations, McDonald’s, which employs over 170,000 people across 1,450 restaurants in the UK, including Manchester, Lincoln, Grimsby, Hull, Liverpool, Skegness, Boston, and London has apologized for the allegations. They have pledged to investigate all claims thoroughly.

McDonald’s emphasized that there is no place for harassment, abuse, or discrimination of any kind within their organization. They said they are committed to a zero-tolerance approach to harassment in collaboration with the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

Workers have responded to the apology and sad that the company has failed to address these issues in the past, with some claiming that predatory employees were merely moved to different McDonald’s sites, instead of being fired. It appears that young women especially faced a difficult time, with some claiming they were seen as “fresh meat” and forced to wear uniforms that were too tight.

The company has implemented comprehensive training programs, new policies, and strict reporting processes to ensure the highest level of workplace protection for all employees. Over 2,000 managers have already completed awareness training, and the majority of restaurant teams are operating within these new protective guidelines.

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