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Donald Trump Could Be Arrested If He Refuses To Leave The White House

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  • Donald Trump Will Be Arrested If He Does Not Leave The White House

  • Donald Trump believes the US Election Will Be Fixed
  • Joe Biden could be forced to remove Donald Trump from the White House


After President Donald Trump has stated that he won’t accept the election result if he loses, he has been warned that he could be arrested if he refuses to leave the White House at Noon on the 20th of January 2021.

Donald Trump who could shock the world by being elected for a second time as the President of The United States has called on his supporters to go into the polls and watch them very carefully so they are not tampered with.

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After being spooked by how close the race to be the next President has become, Donald Trump keeps suggesting that if he loses in the election then the vote has been rigged and he will stay and the White House and refuse to leave.

So, if Donald Trump ignores the vote and continues to claim the election was rigged, what will happen to him?

Donald Trump as the President of The United States is currently the most powerful man in the world. However, when his term ends on January 20th, 2021 all the power he currently has will vanish. That means he will go from being The President of The United States to a private citizen.

The 20th Amendment of the US Constitution states that the term of the President and Vice President will end on the 20th January at Noon. Those powers they have will then be transferred to the new President and Vice President of the United States.

donald trump could be arrestedWill Donald Trump Be Arrested If He Refuses To Leave The White House?

The simple answer is yes. If Donald Trump ignores the election result and tries to hold on power and refuses to leave the White House, then after 12 noon on 20th January 2021 he could be arrested.

At the moment he is the commander and chief of the armed forces and has the protection of the US Secret Service and other federal agents to protect him. Once he becomes a private citizen the Secret Service who protects him and will protect him when he leaves office will not follow an illegal order to keep him in the White House.

If he does refuse to leave the White House on 20th January 2021, then first of all diplomacy will be put in place. However, if he continues to ignore orders to leave the White House then Joe Biden as the new President of the United State could instruct federal agents to remove Donald Trump by force and arrest him.

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