Saturday, May 28, 2022

Covid death toll in Grimsby and Scunthorpe hospitals rises to 512

The number of COVID cases around the country and Greater Lincolnshire are increasing

  • Scunthorpe and Grimsby Hospital Deaths Have Increased


COVID deaths in Scunthorpe and Grimsby Hospitals have increased by 512

The number of people who have died in Scunthorpe and Grimsby Hospitals has risen to a new high.

With another COVID death being confirmed, it has taken the number of deaths in Scunthorpe and Grimsby Hospitals to 512. There are currently 59 people being treated for COVID in our hospitals.

There are 31 people being treated for COVID in Scunthorpe General Hospital and 28 in Grimsby’s Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital.

One of those patients in Grimsby are being treated in ICU while two Scunthorpe patients are in ICU

With the increase in cases and deaths, many people living in Grimsby, Scunthorpe, and Cleethorpes have told Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle that they feel the Government should bring in another lockdown. Other readers have said they want the Government to bring in social distancing rules and an order to wear masks in public places.

At the moment Boris Johnson is refusing to introduce a Plan B or another lockdown.



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