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Strictly’s Giovanni Pernice Faces Backlash as Partner Threatens to Quit

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Strictly’s Giovanni breaks silence as partner ‘threatens to quit

Strictly Come Dancing’s first live show has already encountered controversy as Giovanni Pernice faces backlash over his allegedly aggressive training style.


Strictly Come Dancing’s first live show has reportedly been “thrown into chaos” as professional dancer Giovanni Pernice’s partner, Amanda Abbington, threatens to quit over his allegedly aggressive training style. The couple’s clashes during rehearsals have raised concerns among show producers, who fear that Amanda may not take to the dancefloor for the first live performance.

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According to sources, Giovanni’s “militant and aggressive” behaviour during training sessions has left Amanda feeling shaken and considering leaving the show. However, both Giovanni and Amanda have taken to social media to address the alleged controversy. Amanda shared a picture of herself beaming in rehearsals, expressing her trust and admiration for Giovanni. In response, Giovanni shared Amanda’s words of support on his own page, expressing pride in their partnership.

Strictly's Giovanni breaks silence

Giovanni Pernice is known for his intense approach to training and his dedication to the competition. Sources claim that his training techniques can be brusque and demanding, which has upset some of his previous partners. This is not the first time Giovanni has faced backlash for his training methods. In the past, presenter Laura Whitmore revealed that she felt extremely uncomfortable while partnered with Giovanni and cried every day during her time on the show.

The tension between Giovanni and Amanda has reportedly escalated to the point where Amanda has threatened to quit the show. The Sun reported that their clashes in rehearsals have caused chaos, raising concerns about the future of their partnership. The show’s producers are working to address the situation and ensure that Amanda feels comfortable continuing with the competition.

Giovanni Pernice has faced criticism in the past for his relationships with his celebrity partners. Laura Whitmore, who was paired with Giovanni in 2016, expressed discomfort with their partnership due to his recent breakup with her best friend, Georgia May Foote. Laura felt caught in the middle of their breakup and described her experience on the show as mentally and physically draining.

Another celebrity partner, Michelle Visage, also admitted to having a turbulent relationship with Giovanni during their time together on the show. Their intense personalities clashed at times, but they ultimately found a way to work through their differences.

The alleged tension between Amanda and Giovanni has raised concerns about their ability to perform well on the show. It is essential for dance partners to have a strong and harmonious connection to deliver captivating performances. The show’s producers are undoubtedly working closely with Amanda and Giovanni to address their concerns and provide the necessary support to ensure a successful partnership.

As the live show approaches, the focus is on Amanda and Giovanni’s ability to overcome their differences and showcase their talent on the dancefloor. While their relationship has faced challenges, both have expressed their commitment to the competition and are determined to deliver exceptional performances. The show’s fans eagerly anticipate their first live dance and hope to witness a remarkable transformation from conflict to harmony.

Controversies often arise on Strictly Come Dancing due to the intense nature of the competition and the pressure placed on both the celebrities and their professional partners. The show’s format requires celebrities with little to no dance experience to learn and perform complex routines within a short period. This high-pressure environment can lead to clashes and strained relationships between partners.

Strictly Come Dancing takes the well-being of its participants seriously and is committed to addressing any concerns that arise during the competition. The show’s producers work closely with the celebrities and professional dancers to ensure that they feel supported and comfortable throughout their journey. This includes providing appropriate training and guidance to navigate the challenges that may arise during the intense weeks of rehearsals and performances.

Despite the alleged tensions, Amanda Abbington and Giovanni Pernice are determined to persevere and put on a remarkable show for the viewers. Strictly Come Dancing is known for its ability to transform celebrities into confident dancers, and both Amanda and Giovanni have the potential to create memorable performances. As the competition progresses, fans will eagerly watch their journey and hope to see a transformation from conflict to cooperation on the dancefloor.

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