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Countdown Star Angry Over Man United Mason Greenwood Return

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Rachel Riley Does Not Want Mason Greenwood To Return To Manchester United

TV presenter Rachel Riley who is shocked at the prospect that Manchester United is evening considering allowing Mason Greenwood to play for them again has issued a statement. She said she won’t be able to continue supporting Manchester United if the club keep Mason Greenwood on their books.


Countdown Star and lifelong Manchester United supporter Rachel Riley has said she will stop supporting Manchester United if Mason Greenwood is allowed to return.

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This announcement comes after Greenwood’s suspension following his arrest in January 2022 on suspicion of attempting to rape and sexually assault a woman. While all charges were dropped in February of this year, the controversy surrounding Greenwood’s potential return has ignited a debate among fans and pundits alike.

Manchester United is yet to decide if Mason Greenwood will be allowed back at the club but according to insiders he will be returning. This news has angered some fans including Rachel Riley.

Greenwood’s troubles began in January 2022 when he was arrested on serious allegations. The young player was accused of attempting to rape and sexually assault a woman, which led to his immediate suspension from Manchester United. The gravity of these charges sent shockwaves through the football community and raised serious concerns about Greenwood’s future with the club.

In October 2022, Mason Greenwood was officially charged with attempted rape, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and controlling and coercive behaviour. However, in a surprising turn of events, all charges against Greenwood were dropped in February of this year, leaving many people shocked.

Manchester United launched their own investigation. The club’s CEO, Richard Arnold, was reported to have informed senior staff at Old Trafford that Greenwood was poised to make a return to the squad. However, United’s official stance remains undecided, causing further speculation and unrest among fans.

Mason Greenwood’s future was expected in early August, just before the new Premier League season kicked off. However, this decision was delayed. Fans want Richard Arnold to decide now on the future of Mason Greenwood, but as yet no official statement on his future has been made.

Rachel Riley who is angry at the thought of Mason Greenwood playing for Manchester United again posted on Twitter:

“I won’t be able to support United if Greenwood remains at the club,” Riley also shared a number of letters from fans expressing their concern at the possibility of Greenwood returning to Manchester United.

A statement from Manchester United said: “”Following the dropping of all charges against Mason Greenwood in February 2023, Manchester United has conducted a thorough investigation into the allegations made against him.”

The statement continued to state that Mason Greenwood has been taking private training sessions while awaiting a decision from the club.


“This has drawn on extensive evidence and context not in the public domain, and we have heard from numerous people with direct involvement or knowledge of the case,” the statement continues. “Throughout this process, the welfare and perspective of the alleged victim has been central to the club’s inquiries, and we respect her right to lifelong anonymity.”

“We also have responsibilities to Mason as an employee, as a young person who has been with the club since the age of seven, and as a new father with a partner. The fact-finding phase of our investigation is now complete, and we are in the final stages of making a decision on Mason’s future.

“Contrary to media speculation, that decision has not yet been made and is currently the subject of intensive internal deliberation. Responsibility ultimately rests with the Chief Executive Officer. Once made, the decision will be communicated and explained to the club’s internal and external stakeholders.

“This has been a difficult case for everyone associated with Manchester United, and we understand the strong opinions it has provoked based on the partial evidence in the public domain. We ask for patience as we work through the final stages of this carefully considered process.”

Rachel Riley highlighted the alarming statistic that less than 1% of reported rapes lead to convictions and argued that supporting Greenwood’s return would contribute to a culture that tolerates such behaviour.

Riley drew from her personal experience, mentioning a friend who had faced abuse from a partner and the devastating impact it had on their lives. She expressed her concern that allowing Greenwood back into the club would send a dangerous message to perpetrators and contribute to a culture of impunity. Riley’s stance resonated with many fans who shared her sentiments and voiced their own intentions to withdraw their support if Greenwood returned.

The controversy surrounding Mason Greenwood’s potential return to Manchester United has divided fans and ignited a passionate debate. Supporters who oppose his reinstatement argue that it would undermine the club’s commitment to integrity and send the wrong message to both players and fans. They believe that Manchester United, as a globally recognized institution, has a responsibility to act as a role model and take a strong stance against any form of misconduct.

On the other hand, there are fans who believe in the principle of second chances and argue that Greenwood deserves the opportunity to redeem himself. They emphasize his young age and the potential for personal growth and maturation. These supporters also highlight his exceptional talent and the impact he could have on the team’s performance.

Some fans have said they will no longer go to a Manchester United game if Mason Greenwood returns. There are reports that some sponsors could walk away from Manchester United. As yet, Manchester United have not made an official statement if Mason Greenwood will be playing for Manchester United this season.


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