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Fans Want Mason Greenwood Sacked

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FFAGR Demand the Sacking of Mason Greenwood: The Impending Protest

Fans want Mason Greenwood sacked even though the charges against him were dropped.

Manchester United fans are gearing up for a protest against the potential return of Mason Greenwood to the first-team squad.

The controversy surrounding Greenwood’s suspension since January 2022 has divided the fanbase, with a group of female United supporters branding themselves as “Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return” (FFAGR) and vowing to voice their dissent during the opening game of the season against Wolves.

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Despite the criminal charges against Greenwood being withdrawn earlier this year, the fans demand a “zero tolerance” approach and argue that his reintroduction would undermine the club’s commitment to its female supporters.

Following charges of attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, Greenwood has been suspended by Manchester United since January 2022. However, the Crown Prosecution Service decided to withdraw the charges, leaving the club to conduct its own internal investigation.

The FFAGR have demanded Mason Greenwood is sacked and it is not just them who want the Manchester United Player to leave.

The social media reaction about the potential of Mason Greenwood potential return must send a clear message to the owners of Manchester United that the suspended player is not welcome.

Although the majority of the fans don’t want Mason Greenwood back, the final decision on Greenwood’s future lies in the hands of chief executive Richard Arnold, with an imminent announcement expected.

FFAGR, composed of passionate female United fans, has been vocal in their opposition to Greenwood’s return. They argue that allowing him back into the first-team squad would send a message that the club prioritizes financial gain over the well-being and concerns of its female supporters.

The group emphasizes that their objection is not merely based on a player who has made a mistake but rather on a player who has shown disregard and contempt for the values and traditions associated with representing Manchester United.

In a statement released by FFAGR, the group highlighted the importance of holding players accountable for their behaviour, especially when they occupy positions of power and privilege.

They firmly believe that if a player aspires to play at the highest level for the biggest club in the world, their conduct should be subject to the highest level of scrutiny, accountability, and expectation.

“It tells us that men who make the club money matter; not us, our fellow fans, mothers, sisters or daughters. The problem here isn’t a player who has ‘made a mistake’,” the statement read.

“It’s a player who has shown nothing but disregard and contempt for what it means to represent this great club. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone does so while in the position of power and privilege Greenwood is.

“If you want to play at the highest level at the biggest club in the world, your behaviour will be held up to the highest level of scrutiny, accountability and expectation.”

FFAGR has called upon Manchester United to take a “zero tolerance” approach when deciding on Greenwood’s future. The group argues that the club’s decision will serve as an indicator of the senior management’s ability to run the institution effectively.

They urge the club’s decision-makers to genuinely listen to and engage with the concerns of fans regarding Greenwood’s potential return.

FFAGR stresses that the decision regarding Greenwood’s return extends beyond the realm of football. They argue that it reflects the moral character of the decision-makers and their commitment to addressing issues that matter to fans.

The group emphasizes that the choices made now will be judged by history, urging the club to make the right decision that aligns with its values and principles.


The fans’ demand for Greenwood’s sacking stems from their desire for the club to consider the impact of its decisions on its employees, millions of young boys and girls who idolize the players, and the countless women whose lives have been affected by violence and abuse.

FFAGR calls on Manchester United to prioritize the well-being and safety of its fans and to send a clear message that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

The controversy surrounding Mason Greenwood’s potential return has created a division among Manchester United supporters. While some fans believe in giving the young player a second chance and allowing him to redeem himself, others firmly oppose his reinstatement and argue for the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions.

The differing opinions highlight the complexity of addressing misconduct within a football club and the challenges faced by decision-makers in balancing the interests of the player, the club, and the fanbase.

The protests planned by FFAGR demonstrate the depth of the discontent among a significant portion of Manchester United’s female supporters.

Manchester United has an opportunity to show its commitment to integrity and empathy by carefully considering the concerns raised by FFAGR and other fans who support their cause.

The outcome of the internal investigation and the subsequent decision will serve as a crucial moment for the club to demonstrate its values and reinforce its relationship with its fanbase.

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