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Boris Johnson Must Go As More Ministers Resign

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  • The Prime Minister is odds on to resign by the end of the year according to one bookmaker


With news that Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid have resigned from Boris Johnson’s cabinet followed by a host of other Government ministers, we decided to ask people in Skegness, Louth, Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Grantham, Birmingham, Manchester, Blackpool, and Spalding, if it was now time for Boris Johnson to resign.

The overall majority of those that we spoke to said it was now time for Boris Johnson to quit, especially as more ministers have resigned due to having no faith in the Prime Minister. More than seventeen people have resigned their positions, which includes Will Quince, education minister, Alex Chalk, solicitor general, Robin Walker, education minister, John Glen, Treasury minister, Victoria Atkins, justice minister, and Jo Churchill, environment minister.

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88% of those that we spoke to said it was now time that Boris Johnson did the right thing and resigned. However, although they wanted to see him go, they did express their worries for the future.

Larry Walker who we spoke to in Skegness while he was on holiday said he was concerned about who would take over. According to Larry, there was no suitable Conservative candidate to become the next Prime Minister.

It was not just Larry who was concerned about the future. More than 70% of those that we spoke to said there was no one in the Conservative Party that they would trust to become Prime Minister.

Nigel Miles from Manchester said that the Conservative Party was damaged beyond repair and if Boris Johnson did resign then there was no suitable candidate to take over, which would leave the country in chaos.

Although the Labour Party is calling for a snap election, according to the people we spoke to this may not be the best idea. Many of those we spoke to in Scunthorpe, Skegness, and Manchester who said they would not vote for the Conservative Party in the next election also said they would not vote for the Labour Party.

It seems the worries people had in a poll that we did in January of this year ( have not gone away. We found when we spoke to people in January of this year that they were worried about the current Labour Leader. They felt that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer was not someone with vision or someone who could lead the country.

Labour has a serious reputation problem according to the people we spoke to. More than 60% of those that we spoke to said they would vote Labour if Angela Rayner was the leader. This means if Labour wants a chance of winning the next General Election, then the Labour Party need to have a long hard think of who is the best person to take them into the next election.

One bookmaker believes that Boris Johnson will resign before the end of the year. They are so confident that Boris Johnson will resign that they have suspended bets being placed. However, Boris Johnson has said today that he is not going anywhere and there is no vacancy for his job. His father Stanley Johnson also said his son would not resign.

Political experts have said that Boris Johnson will not call a snap election, so the only option now for Boris Johnson to leave Number 10 is for his own party to force him out.

At the time of going to press, the following members of the Conservative Party have resigned.



    Chancellor Rishi Sunak

    Health Secretary Sajid Javid




    Will Quince, education minister

    Alex Chalk, solicitor general

    Robin Walker, education minister

    John Glen, Treasury minister

    Victoria Atkins, justice minister

    Jo Churchill, environment minister


Parliamentary private secretaries


    Jonathan Gullis, Northern Ireland Office

    Saqib Bhatti, Department of Health and Social Care

    Nicola Richards, Department of Transport

    Virginia Crosbie, Welsh Office

    Laura Trott, Department of Transport

    Felicity Buchan, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy




    Bim Afolami, vice-chairman of the Conservative Party for youth

    Andrew Murrison, trade envoy to Morocco

    Theodora Clarke, trade envoy to Kenya

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