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The Stamford Street With The Most Parking Fines Revealed

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  • One street in Stamford had the most parking tickets issues in one year


Drivers are being warned about where they park in Lincolsnhire and to read the parking restrictions signs after one Stamford street had 658 parking fines issued.

In 2021/2022 official figures reveal that just under 6.000 parking fines were issued in South Kesteven. According to another report, more than 35,000 parking fines were issued across Lincolnshire.

The street where traffic wardens issued the most fines has been revealed as Broad Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire. Traffic wardens issued 658 parking fines. In second place with 442 parking fines was St Peter’s Hill, Grantham, and in third place was Star Lane, Stamford.

With the huge number of fines being issued, drivers are being advised to keep within the time limit of how long they are allowed to park.

The 10 streets in South Kesteven which received the most fines are as follows:


    Broad Street, Stamford – 658

    St Peter’s Hill, Grantham – 442

    Star Lane, Stamford – 350

    Bath Row, Stamford – 341

    Water Street, Stamford – 309

    Sheep Market, Stamford – 279

    Westgate, Grantham – 215

    St Paul’s Street, Stamford – 201

    St Mary’s Street, Stamford – 172

    St Georges Square, Stamford – 168


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