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Holidays Abroad To Go Up In Price Warns IATA’s Willie Walsh

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  • The UK Staycation could see another boom thanks to the problems at UK airports and with flight prices set to increase. Skegness, Blackpool, and other UK seaside resorts could see record numbers of new holidaymakers if the problems at the airports continue and ticket prices go up.


Those looking to go abroad later this year are in for another shock. Not only do passengers have to put up with lost luggage, flight cancellations, and being flown to the wrong airport on their return, but now they must face flight prices increasing.

Willie Walsh, director-general of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has said with the increase in oil prices flight tickets will go up in price.

The ex-British Airways boss explained that airlines will pass on the increased fuel prices to the consumers which will make going abroad more expensive.

Mr Walsh told the BBC Sunday Morning programme that holidaymakers need to be prepared for the extra costs of going abroad.

“Flying will be more expensive for consumers, without a doubt”, he said, adding that the “high price of oil” will be “reflected in higher ticket prices”.

With fuel prices being the single biggest element of an airline’s cost base, Mr Walsh said ticket prices will continue to increase until oil prices come down in price.

Travel experts have warned that holidaymakers are already getting fed up with all the cancellations of flights and long delays. If airlines increase flight tickets and make going abroad more expensive then people may stay home and go to UK seaside resorts.

Holidaymakers are already turning their backs on going abroad with all the problems at the airports. Some caravan parks in Skegness, Blackpool, and Scarborough are already fully booked for certain dates in the summer holidays. This is great news for the staycation industry but bad news for travel agents and airlines who are desperately trying to recover their losses due to the pandemic and recent troubles.


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