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Mark Wright Upsets Lauren Goodger Over Love Claims

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Lauren Goodger Shocked Over Mark Wright Claims He has Never Been In Love Before

Former The Only Way Is Essex Lauren Goodger is angry with her ex-boyfriend Mark Wright after he told Heat magazine that he has never been in love before.

Mark Wright claims that he never knew what love was until he met Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan, and now claims he now knows he is really and truly in love.


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Michelle Keegan announced on Twitter that she and former The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright were engaged, although Lauren Goodger came to terms with the news and said she was happy for the pair, with the latest news that Mark Wright claims he has never been in love before, has left Lauren very annoyed.

He told Heat magazine:

“I never realised love could actually feel like this. I thought I’d been in love before, but obviously I haven’t,” Wright told Heat.

He added: “Every single thing you imagine and you dream about when falling in love with someone I’ve got now.”

Sources close to Lauren Goodger have told In2town Lifestyle News:

“Lauren was happy for the pair, she had no problems with the pair getting engaged, she has a new life and a new man who she cares very much for, but to hear her former long term boyfriend stab her in the back by claiming he has never been in love before has really hurt her.”


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According to reports, once Michelle Keegan leaves Coronation Street, she will leave Manchester and move to Essex where the pair will set up home together. No official announcement has been made on the date or the place where the couple will get married but sources are claiming that Michelle wants to get married in Dubai.

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