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BBC Male Presenters Want The Male Presenter To Be Named

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The Met Police will meet with BBC Bosses today to discuss the investigation of a male presenter being suspended over sex allegations


Well-known male presenters have been contacting bosses at the BBC over the weekend over fears they will be falsely accused of being the male presenter who paid for sex pictures. They have demanded that bosses name the male presenter to sop their reputation being damaged over false claims.

An insider at the BBC has said well-known presenters have been panicking over the weekend due to fears they will falsely be named as the male presenter who has been suspended. The insider told In2Town Today News that some presenters have threatened the leave the BBC due to their bosses taking no immediate action when the allegation was made.

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“It has been a very stressful time for those who have been falsely accused on social media. Some have said it has caused stress amongst their families and they want action”, the insider explained.

 Lots of different names have been posted on social media as the male presenter who has been suspended, which has resulted in some BBC presenters posting on Twitter to say it was not them. One of those presenters who has turned to social media to say it is not them is Rylan Clark

The BBC which has been accused of sitting on the allegation since May is meeting with the Metropolitan Police today to talk about the investigation. However, some BBC presenters have questioned why the BBC has taken so long to suspend the presenter and why police were not called in earlier.

According to the BBC, they have been investigating the allegation since May when it was first reported. They went on to say that new allegations were brought to their attention on Thursday, a claim that the mother of the victim is shocked at.

The BBC has said as well as being in touch with the Met Police, they are also carrying out their own investigation and talking to the young person’s family at the centre of the claims.

Some MPs have called for BBC director-general Tim Davie to resign over the lack of action, and they are not alone. Male and female presenters at the BBC believe Tim Davie should stand down. One BBC worker who works for the BBC in Manchester told In2town Today News that nothing has been learned from the Jimmy Savile and Phillip Schofield scandal.

It has been claimed that the presenter at the centre of the allegations has phoned the victim asking, “What have you done?”, and wanting them to contact their mother to stop the investigation.

Former BBC executive Tim Luckhurst has shared his thoughts on how long it took for the corporation to suspend the accused presenter.

He told TalkTV: “I think it knew enough in May to think that it needed to investigate, but it wasn’t able to find everything that it needed to find out as quickly as perhaps it would’ve liked to.”

On how long the investigation would last, he said: “Well that depends on whether or not those who have the facts are willing to share the information, or whether you have a difficult relationship with those who possess that information.

“It also depends on whether or not they interrogated the presenter, or whether they had enough information to interrogate the presenter at that stage, or what they were told.

“It is absolutely clear that there wasn’t full or candid sharing of information at that stage.”

The mother of the victim has said he did not even take any steps to hide his face when asking for explicit photos for large sums of money.

She has told how she “instantly recognised” the famous host, as he allegedly showed his face during a video call exchange in his boxers that was screenshotted and shown to her.

The mum told The Sun: “I was shocked to see a picture of him sitting on a sofa in his house in his underwear.

“I immediately recognised him; he was leaning forward getting ready for my child to perform for him. My child told me, ‘I have shown things’ and this was a picture from some kind of video call.”

She claims the household name never hid his identity and even sent pictures of himself at work.

The mother of the victim has confirmed that she contacted the BBC in May over the allegation which begs the question, why have they taken so long to suspend the male presenter, and why has it taken so long to get the police involved?

To find out if viewers believe the male presenter at the centre of the allegations should be named, we did a poll with our readers in Skegness, London, Manchester, Hull, Grimsby, Lincoln, Boston, and Liverpool. We was shocked with the result.

Only 62% of those that took part in the poll believe that the male presenter should be named. The general feeling was the male presenter should not be named until a full investigation has been undertaken by the police.

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