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The Five Cheapest Lincoln Petrol Stations Revealed

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Motorists have had to suffer in recent months with the price of petrol continuing to increase. It was not that long ago when petrol was £1.22, and now in some petrol stations around the country it has risen to £1.55 per litre.

Some people are now resulting in car share due to the rise in petrol prices, while others are using public transport, motorbikes, and bicycles.

The increase in petrol prices is being blamed on rising oil prices, while some motorists believe this is an excuse.

Petrol prices quickly increased when there was a shortage of HGV drivers to make deliveries. But now that problem is not as serious, those petrol prices have not reduced.

We decided to travel around Lincoln and have a look at the five cheapest petrol stations.

Here are the cheapest places in Lincoln to buy unleaded petrol


  1. Sainsbury’s Lincoln – 138.9p
  2. Unbranded Canwick Road (Pitstop Canwick Hill) – 140.9p
  3. Asda Lincoln – 140.9p
  4. Morrisons Lincoln – 141.9p
  5. Esso Sleaford Road – 141.9p

We have also looked at the five most expensive petrol stations in Lincoln for unleaded petrol

  1. Esso Newark Road – 146.9p
  2. Shell Searby Road – 145.9p
  3. Shell Burton Road – 145.9p
  4. Jet Lincoln Wragby Road – 144.9p
  5. BP Doddington Road – 143.9p

For those running their vehicles on diesel, the prices are not that much different.

Here are the five cheapest places to buy Diesel in Lincoln:


  1. Morrisons Lincoln – 142.9p
  2. Sainsbury’s Lincoln – 142.9p
  3. Gulf Carholme Road (Co-op) – 143.9p
  4. Tesco Lincoln Canwick Road- 143.9p
  5. Tesco Lincoln Wragby Road – 143.9p


It does not look like petrol prices will be going down anytime soon.

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