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Moments Global’s Moment blockchain platform and MMC token offers cryptocurrency users an alternative to ecosystem for trading

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Company’s blockchain platform to make transactions easier and more efficient for the estimated 106 million people using cryptocurrency

April 21,2020; Milton Keynes, UK – An estimated 106 million people use cryptocurrency worldwide. The number of users continues to grow and Moments Global has big aims to further grow the cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms. Moments Global’s mission is to build the world’s most comprehensive decentralized financial market and create a complete DeFi ecosystem.

To accomplish its mission, Moments Global plans to take all of the strengths of each generation of blockchain and combine them into one easy to use and efficient platform. By combining blockchain’s strengths, the company will deliver the most powerful DeFi in the world.

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The company released the MMC token in March 2021 to promote its Moments blockchain platform. The token can be bought through private sale for $0.1. A supply of 29,000,000 are available to investors. Moments Global’s coin distribution will be made up of 40% private sales, 45% reserve, 7% biz utility, 6% partnership, and 2% bounty.

The MMC token will help fund the Moments Global’s unique ecosystems. Since its release, the company issued the MMC on TronLink Wallet of the MMC Exchange.

Once the Moments Global ecosystem is built, blockchain and cryptocurrency users will have the most powerful platform at their disposal. There are a variety of issues with the current blockchain platform. From high energy consumption to nearly every user needing a copy of the global ledger, there are problems with blockchain that the Moments platform will address.

By taking the best parts of each version of blockchain, users will benefit and more tasks will be completed using the revolutionary ecosystem. Purchasing MMC tokens will help the building of the Moment platform and cryptocurrency users can get in on the ground floor right now.

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About MMC

MMC develops a separate blockchain, allowing application

developers to build on the foundation of MMC Chain.


Contact details

Company: Moments Global


Email: [email protected]

Address: Mazars Llp, The Pinnacle, 160 Midsummer

Boulevard, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, MK9 1FF

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