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New Interactive, Out-of-This-World App “Snax” Announced by Marmelapp

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Marmelapp is excited to introduce and release the new, modernized interactive app game Snax. When you step into the world of Snax, you are able to call the shots as though you are directing your own film or playing the main character! This all-original app gives users the opportunity to make choices in real-time and solve exciting brain twisters. With Marmelapp’s top-of-the-line app development and language options for both English and French speakers, gamers can experience unlimited content with unparalleled entertainment features.

“Snax presents the future of gaming. As you move through the platform and unlock interesting new video scenarios, you are able to make all the decisions. Fall in love, solve a crime, save the world… simply with a tap on your touch screen!” said a representative from Marmelapp. “You will be amazed by the realistic plots and sleek, premier app structure.”

Including a unique, never before seen gameplay design, Snax is changing the infrastructure for virtual storytelling. At the moment, Snax offers eight interactive adventures and is excited to introduce new episodes in the coming months. With its awesome game design, users can explore different endings and opportunities every time they open the app.

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You can search through the multitudes of pleasurable and witty fiction stories that will bring you a rush of emotions and exhibileration. Latest games from Snax in the works include Room 87, The Experiment, The Last Night, Cannibal Halloween, Marie Antoinette, and Vision(s), all of which bring their own twists and surprises.

The expertly-curated game design and app features such as simple navigation and intuitive interface of Snax make it even more exciting for users. With bright and bold graphics, fast loading screens, and navigable menu structures, Snax and the other apps created by Marmelapp are top-rated and enjoyable. In both design and content, the user remained centered in Snax’s creation.

Founded in 2015, Maremelapp offers games beyond Snax, such as Picolo, which is a party experience where players have to answer questions and do dares and has over five million installations, and Blaze, a simulation adventure game. The company’s mission is to entertain and captivate people through impactful and engaging mobile applications. Jérome Boé, Co-Founder and CEO of Marmelapp, is a french computer scientist and focuses the Marmelapp brand on engaging the user. Marmelapp’s apps are rated in the top 100 in more than ten countries.

You can be one of the first to experience Marmelapp’s new revolutionary app Snax, which is redesigning the future of storytelling gaming. To learn more about Marmelapp, visit their website here or their page on Google Play and the Apple store.

Check out more information about the brand-new Snax experience by visiting the Apple app page here.

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