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KAMAPRO offers music artists new distribution service with major label features for free

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Service distributes artists’ music to all major streaming platforms


KAMAPRO was launched in early 2023 to give musicians and artists the chance to take their careers by the reins. The distribution service allows artists to receive the same features and benefits as major recording labels free of charge. In minutes, artists can have their music uploaded to KAMAPRO and distributed to streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, and many more.

KAMAPRO was created by Kai Würtenberger, aka Harmogy, a German music producer, musician, and entrepreneur. Würtenberger had toiled away for years, working with different record labels and music distributors. He enjoyed success with hit songs “Ecstasy” and “Ain’t no stopping us now”, achieving more than 10 million streams on various music distribution platforms.

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Würtenberger experienced various highs and lows working with different record labels and music distributors, however. Oftentimes, the contracts he received were so complex and full of restrictions an entertainment lawyer needed to interrupt them.



In early 2023, Würtenberger decided it was time to disrupt the music industry. He created KAMAPRO to help artists publish their music for free while offering them the same great features other distributors provide.

KAMAPRO provides a free service with no hidden costs. Although clients can sign up for a paid service, the platform was made to help music artists make money and not take it from them.

Artists can sign up for KAMAPRO in a few minutes and begin uploading their music to the service. KAMAPRO then distributes the songs to all major streaming platforms. Artists will have their songs available on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, and many more platforms, helping them make money from their musical output. The free services ensure artists receive 80% of the royalties from their streams. 

KAMAPRO provides artists with free analysis tools and customer support 24 hours a day. Würtenberger’s aim is to help fellow music artists fulfil their dreams and advance their careers, no matter if it is the beginning, middle, or end. 

KAMAPRO offers artists the chance to make more from their music. Please visit KAMAPRO to learn more about the music distribution platform.

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