Saturday, May 28, 2022

Police Arrest Man For Scunthorpe High Street Burglary

Humberside police arrest a man red handed on Scunthorpe High Street

  • Humberside Police arrest man for Scunthorpe burglary after being caught red-handed


A man who was found with bags of suspected stolen items ran out of luck on Saturday night when he was arrested by Humberside Police.

Police officers arrested the man for being involved in a suspected burglary on a retail premises on Scunthorpe High Street.

While most people were out setting off fireworks in Scunthorpe, it seems the man was setting off burglar alarms on the High Street.

When police were called to the retail premises on the High Street, they found the man who took the term of window shopping to a new level. He was found with a bag of suspected stolen items and was arrested.

Humberside Police confirmed a man had been arrested after a suspected burglary.

A spokesperson for the force said: “Reports of intruders at a retail premise on the High Street.

“Officers from Neighbourhoods & Patrol Teams 1 and 2 on scene within a couple of minutes, with one male located still on site with bags of suspected stolen items and locked up for Burglary.”


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