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Money Saving Tips That All Lincolnshire People Should Follow

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With energy bills increasing, and petrol prices going through the roof and the cost of living causing families around Greater Lincolnshire with stress and anxiety, we have spoken to money saving experts.

The money saving experts have put some tips together to help people living in Greater Lincolnshire to save money. No matter if you live in Skegness, Boston, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, or Lincoln, these money saving tip will help you reduce the money you spend.


  1. Clear your browser when shopping online

When shopping online for any type of product, it is important to clear your browser. That includes shopping for cheap flights, holidays, or retail products.

By clearing your browser history, it means that companies cannot track you and see what you have been look at, and increase the prices for what you are interested in. Although holiday companies claim it does not happen, it has been proven it does, and by following this tip, it will make purchasing products, especially holidays and flights cheaper.


  1. Beware the BOGOFs!

Supermarkets are there to convince you to spend as much as possible. One way they do this is by offering you a Buy One Get One Free Deal. But are they really good deals? Most of the time the Buy One Get One Free offers are more expensive.

The average person spends £1,300 a year on Buy One Get One Free offer, but most of the time they are wasting their money. A lot of supermarkets will increase the price of one item to make it look like a good deal when you are buying two items together.

Shopping experts warn people to keep away from the Buy One Get One Free offer to save money.


  1. Remortgage


If you have a fixed term mortgage and that deal is coming to an end, then it is important to compare other mortgages. There are a lot of great deals out there and you could save at least £1,000 a year by getting a new fixed term mortgage.


  1. Shop for own brand

One of the best ways to save money while shopping in a supermarket is to purchase own brands. A lot of the own brands taste the same as the big-name brands. Most people cannot tell the difference, and some experts claim that half the time people are buying the same product as the big brands but without the fancy packaging.


  1. Mobile Phones

If you contract has come to an end, then think about changing your provider. Too many people are wasting money by staying with their current provider. Unless you want the latest phone, such as the latest iPhone then you need to change.

Giff Gaff are currently one of the cheapest companies and people could save a lot of money by using their current phone and switching to the low-cost network.


6 Weekly shop

Home delivery service has become the easiest way for people to do their weekly shop, but it can also be the most expensive way. When shopping online with big name supermarkets, people are not seeing the real good offers that could be instore.

We suggest that people do an experiment and move away from the big supermarkets such as Tesco and try shopping at Aldi and other low-cost supermarkets and see how much you could save. Some people are saving over £200 a month on their weekly shopping bill.


  1. Car Share and cut fuel costs

With petrol prices going through the roof, a good way to save money is by sharing the cost of getting to and from work with your work mates.

Car share has become very popular. Some drivers have said they are even making a profit by arranging to pick up their workmates.

Some drivers have told In2town that they charge their workmates £20 each a month which is very reasonable.


  1. Cancel subscriptions

A lot of people subscribe to a service such as Netflix and never use it. The subscription continues to be taken out of their account because they have forgotten they subscribed to the service. It is important for people to check their bank account and check if they have any subscriptions that they have forgotten about and cancel them.


  1. Search online for discount codes

Searching online for discount codes while shopping online is a great way to save money. When thinking of buying a product, search online and see if there are any discount codes available for that product.


  1. Compare Internet Providers

If you are not under contract with your Internet Provider, then shop around for a better deal. Even if you don’t find a better deal tell your provider you have found one. Tell them that you will cancel your service unless they provide you with a cheaper service.

If you tell them that you will leave their service, they will transfer you to a different department who may offer you a better deal. We did this recently and saved £20 a month.


Remember, it is important to always shop around and see how much money you can save.


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