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Piers Morgan wrong about Ukraine having ‘Eurovision sympathy vote’ says Hull expert

Presenter Piers Morgan slammed Ukraine’s victory as a ‘sympathy vote’ but a Hull historian shut him down Read More

What Are The New Alcohol Ban Rules in Ibiza and Majorca

Alcohol Ban Rules In Ibiza and Majorca Confuses Lincolnshire Holidaymakers Travel agents in Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Spalding, and Lincoln have been dealing with lots of customers' confusion over the new alcohol ban and how it could affect their holiday.   When it was announced a new alcohol ban was being brought in in Ibiza and Majorca, holidaymakers of all ages were left confused about how it could affect their holiday. Holidaymakers from all over Lincolnshire including Skegness, Grantham, and Louth have been left wondering if they should cancel their holiday or change their plans of booking a holiday in Ibiza and Majorca. Travel agents have told Lincolnshire News Today the announcement has been handled badly by the Spanish authorities. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Due to the lack of information, some holidaymakers are unsure if they will be able to purchase alcohol from clubs in Ibiza and Majorca, while others are worried if their all-inclusive will finish in hotels at 9.30pm. Lincolnshire News Today has now spoken to the experts and has put together detailed information on the new alcohol ban in Ibiza and Majorca so people thinking of visiting the popular resorts have all the information they need. With all the complaints over the years about unruly behaviour in Ibiza and Majorca, and with local business owners calling on the authorities to make the resorts a more family environment, authorities have now listened. Visitors to the resorts of Llucmajor, Palma, Calvia (including Magaluf) in Majorca, as well as Sant Antoni...

Parents Want Lincolnshire MPs To Resign Over Knife Crime

Lincolnshire MPs Must Resign Over Knife Crime Vote Lincolnshire Parents Want Matt Warman (Conservative - Boston and Skegness), Martin Vickers (Conservative - Cleethorpes), Lia Nici (Conservative - Great Grimsby), Holly Mumby-Croft (Conservative - Scunthorpe), and Karl McCartney (Conservative - Lincoln)   Rishi Sunak and the Tories have once again shown they do not care about the parents in this country after they shockingly reject the call for ninja swords to be banned despite grieving mum's plea. Now shocked parents are calling for Lincolnshire MPs Matt Warman, Martin Vickers, Lia Nic, Holly Mumby-Croft, and Karl McCartney to resign with immediate effect. A new law to help make our streets safer and children from being killed through Ninja swords was voted down by a majority of over 100 MPs despite one being used in the 2022 killing of 16-year-old Roman Kanda. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The Tory party who has failed to listen to the general public on important issues such as the NHS, Policing, and the cost of living, have once again decided to ignore what parents need, and that is to make streets safer and stop children being killed.   Read:Lincolnshire Conservative MPs Could Lose Their Seats   Street knife crime has risen under the Tory Government. In just ten years knife crime in Lincolnshire has risen by more than 192%. In 2022-2023 there were 50,500 offences involving a sharp instrument in England and Wales (excluding Devon & Cornwall). That is a shocking figure and a figure that Conservative MPs are happy...

Grimsby And Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre To Close

Premier Inn To Close Grimsby and Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre Cleethorpes and Grimsby Premier Inn staff shocked at news their restaurants will be closed.   As previously reported in Lincolnshire News Today, Premier Inn owners Whitebread which employs 37,000 staff announced they would be closing more than 200 branded restaurants with the loss of 1,500 jobs. Sad news just in, Grimsby Brewers Fayre and Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre are two of the restaurants that will be closed. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); According to Whitebread, some of the branded Premier Inn restaurants are losing the company money. They plan to turn 112 of the restaurants into additional hotel rooms and sell 126 restaurants as a going business. With the news not yet been confirmed by Whitbread, the restaurants in Cleethorpes and Grimsby will be closed in seven weeks. Staff at Grimsby Brewers Fayre and Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre have told Lincolnshire News Today they are shocked by the move. Cleethorpes and Grimsby Breyers Fayre To Close An employee at Cleethorpes Brewers Fayre told Lincolnshire News Today they don’t understand the move. They explained that the restaurant is mostly busy and cannot understand how Whitbread can claim the restaurants lose them money. “We are always busy. The location of our restaurants is perfect for tourists and as well as all the people who come on holiday and visit us, we also have all our regulars.” Another member of staff based at Grimsby Premier Inn said when the news was announced about the closure of the restaurants, they did...

Lincolnshire Conservative MPs Could Lose Their Seats

Rishi Sunak Scared To Announce General Election Date Lincolnshire News Today launched a survey to find out how many people trusted Rishi Sunak and how many people trusted Keir Starmer.   After an embarrassing loss of council seats in the local elections, Conservative MPs are now fearing for their future. According to reports, 40 letters of no-confidence have been sent, which is 13 short of the 53 required for a no-confidence vote. Lincolnshire Conservative MPs could find themselves out of work when Rishi Sunak finally calls a General Election. With the lack of trust in the Conservative Leader, and with the failed promises that he made, which included sending illegal migrants to Rwanda, Lincolnshire Conservative MPs could be replaced with Labour MPs. Victoria Atkins and Matt Warman could find themselves losing their seats. Two Conservative MPs in the past month have quit the Conservative Party and joined the Labour Party. Natalie Elphicke the MP for Dover and Dan Poulter for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich have shown their lack of confidence in Rishi Sunak by defecting to the Labour Party. We spoke to Two Conservative MPs not in Lincolnshire who have told Lincolnshire Today News that they fear for their seats at the next General Election. When asked if they felt a vote of no-confidence should take place both MPs said no.   (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Read:Premier Staff In Lincolnshire Fear For Their Jobs   According to the two Conservative MPs, they feel it is too late in the day to change...

Men Prefer Natural Breasts And Not Fake Breasts

Men prefer natural breasts. When you have the likes of Katie Price spending a great deal of money to have her breasts improved, and other celebrities that have followed her, you would have thought that men love fake boobs. Apparently not. Katie Price has gone overboard with her boob jobs to make herself look better and feel more confident, and she is not the only celebrity. Anna Faris, Vicky Pattison and Kaley Cuoco have all gone under the knife with the average breast enlargement procedure costing £4,118. So, we wanted to find out why so many women were having boobs jobs and if men prefer natural breasts or do they really like fake boobs. To find out the answer we ran a survey with our male readers, and we were very surprised.   (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Read:Parents Ignore School Fines   We asked 2,000 of our male readers to give us their honest opinion about breast enlargements and natural breasts, and sorry girls, but with the results that have come back it seems you are wasting your money. 70 per cent of our male readers said they would rather date or marry a woman with small breasts than date a woman who has had a boob job. Our survey found that men prefer a woman who has breasts that are in proportion of the rest of the body. Russell Brand once commented in an interview that he preferred natural breasts compared to fake boobs. “I prefer natural, to tell you...