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Was Eastenders right to sack young actress

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The producer sacked Melissa Suffield who played Lucy Beale in Eastenders after claims she behaved badly out of the show and caused bad publicity for the hit BBC1 soap. The actress has now hit back at bosses at the BBC claiming they were out of order for sacking her and we would like to know what you think.

We want to hear off you, we want to know if you feel the show bosses were right to sack the actress and if you feel they should have killed Lucy off instead of bringing in a new actress to play the part.

Read our recent article below and give us your comments. 

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Eastenders Star hits back over sacking

The cast of Eastenders were shocked when a popular member of the cast was sacked but they were not as shocked as Melissa Suffield who plays Lucy Beale. Melissa, 17, who was sacked in May after six years on the hit show cannot believe how harsh the bosses of the show were with her.
The actress who was fired for her unruly behaviour has said she is disgusted with the way she was treated by the bosses of the show.
Melissa told The Sun Newspaper: “It’s not like I was going out, punching photographers and being sick in a gutter. I’m only doing what every other girl of 17 does.
“It’s not an excuse, but out of all the things Lucy has done, the only one I’ve done is drink underage.”
According to reports, Bosses of the show were fed up with her bad behaviour which includes raunchy images appeared in Facebook as well as the actress leaving an over 18 nightclub at 4am in the morning.
She said: “They were really angry. I was apologetic and told them it wouldn’t happen again.”
The actress could not convince bosses of the show to keep her on and was eventually sacked. There have been rumours that Lucy will return to the show but played by a different actress.

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