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North East Lincolnshire Has One Of The Highest Gambling Problems In The Country

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  • There is a serious Gambling Problem in North East Lincolnshire


It has been revealed that North East Lincolnshire has one of the biggest gambling problems in the country.

There are around 642 problem gamblers in North East Lincolnshire, in areas such as Grimsby. The addiction affects them personally and financially.

According to the report there are further 1,028 people who suffer but as not as much as the problem gamblers.

In the report the Gambling Commission has said that Yorkshire and Humber have the second highest gambling problem in the country.

With the increase in addiction there has been calls for gambling adverts to be banned on the radio and on television.

Online gambling has been blamed for the increase in gambling addiction and represents 40 per cent of all gambling activity.

“There is evidence of a reduction in the presence of physical high street betting shops within North East Lincolnshire, this reflects the national picture and may be the start of further changes in the local market,” the report says.

The worrying fact is 31 per cent of people in North East Lincolnshire gamble at least once per week, and this rate is increasing with younger people becoming addicted.


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