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Grimsby Homeless Charity Needs Support

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Harbour Place, A Grimsby Homeless Charity Is Struggling To Meet Winter Demand

The Grimsby based charity is struggling to meet demand and is asking for support to help those that are homeless.


A Grimsby charity that helps homeless people have said they are struggling to meet winter demand.

Harbour Place is asking for more support to deal with the pressure of the rising number of homeless people that need shelter this winter.

The charity who has said they do not have the capacity to keep everyone off the street this winter has said that more needs to be done to support homeless people in North East Lincolnshire.

Andrew Brown, Chair of Trustees at Harbour Place, said:”Figures nationally quote an increase of around 30% in the last year, and we’re seeing things similar to that: there are an average of about 20 people sleeping rough in Grimsby and Cleethorpes in addition to those we can get into the night shelter.”

The Grimsby based charity currently offers 12-15 places in a night shelter to support vulnerable people who are homeless.

Sadly, there are more people living on the streets in North East Lincolnshire than the charity has places for. And with temperatures dropping, it could result in homeless people dying on the street.

Andrew Brown said: “The winter adds an extra dimension, the cold is obviously an issue, the recent wet weather is awful. There is nothing worse than being wet if you’re on the streets – you’ll get cold extremely quickly.”

He added that cost of living issues in the area are likely to continue to drive demand for homelessness support services through the winter.

In 2022 it was reported by Shelter that there were more than 200 people who were homeless. However, the real figure is believed to be much higher than that.

There has been outrage at the lack of support the Government is providing homeless people with some asking why migrants are being given homes while homeless people are being left to fend for themselves.

Shelter revealed that 271,000 people are recorded as homeless in England, including 123,000 children. The number of people recorded as homeless as risen under the Tory Government.

With lots of empty properties in North East Lincolnshire, the question is, why are people living on the streets when these properties could be used to house them?


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