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Council Back Humberston Road Grimsby New 122 House Development Plan

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  • An unpopular development plan for 122 houses in Grimsby has been given the green light


Today protestors to a new housing development on Humberston Road, Grimsby are up in arms after North East Lincolnshire Council approved the plan.

An application was submitted to the council for 122 new houses to be built on Humberston Road. Even though local residents objected to the plan and said it would create traffic congestion, the council has approved it.

Developer Keigar Homes promise 122 two-to-five-bedroom houses. As part of the plans a new access road will be created off Humberston Road.

Some residents who have objected to the plans have claimed that it would make the congestion problem worse. While one person who contacted Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle said instead of building houses, why can’t the council concentrate in attracting news businesses to the area.

The resident who did not wished to be named said: “We have enough houses in the area. What we need is more jobs. I would like to see the council look at bringing more jobs to the area instead of having more houses built so they can get more council tax.”

Other residents have claimed, the new development is going to bring traffic to a standstill and could cause a number of accidents.

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