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Is Ricky Hatton Punching Above His Weight With New Girlfriend

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Ricky Hatton is dating Playboy model 14 years his junior

One of the best loved boxers in recent times has a new girlfriend in the form of Playboy model Chelsea Claire.


Ricky Hatton, the former world boxing champion known as the “Hitman,” has been making headlines not only for his boxing career but also for his romantic endeavours.

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After a series of high-profile relationships, Hatton seems to have found love again with a stunning Playboy model named Chelsea Claire. The pair recently enjoyed a romantic break in Tenerife and have been spotted together in Ricky’s hometown of Hyde, Greater Manchester.

Ricky Hatton’s love life has been as dramatic as his boxing career. His new relationship with Chelsea Claire has sparked curiosity among fans with some asking is Ricky Hatton punching above his weight.

Chelsea, a 31-year-old Playboy model, has been sharing photos on social media of her and Ricky in each other’s arms from their romantic getaway in Tenerife. The couple seems to be taking things slowly, with a source revealing that they have been on a couple of dates and are letting their relationship develop naturally.

Before his current relationship with Chelsea Claire, Ricky Hatton had been involved in several high-profile romances. He was previously engaged to Jennifer Dooley, his long-term partner and the mother of two of his children.

However, the engagement ended, and Ricky moved on to date beauty therapist Angela Blemmings. Last year, he was also romantically linked to Marie Pollard.

In a recent interview, Ricky Hatton expressed his desire to settle down and find lasting love. Despite his successful boxing career, the former champion admitted that he was ready to move on to the next chapter of his life.

Ricky, now 45 years old, stated, “I’m single now, but I’d like to get married and settle down.” It seems that he may have found a potential partner in Chelsea Claire.

Chelsea Claire, known for her work as a Playboy model, is capturing Ricky Hatton’s heart with her beauty and charm.

With an Instagram following of 4.5k, Chelsea regularly shares alluring photos on social media, giving her followers a glimpse into her glamorous lifestyle. Described as a “bubbly blonde from Ireland” on her Playboy profile, Chelsea’s radiant personality seems to have left Hatton smitten.



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