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CRM: Standard vs Customized

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The CRM or the Back-office portal serves the function where brokers use it as a tool to manage day to day business operations, and handle all customers related administration in a single place. It is an essential tool for the broker as they scale down operational costs in their back-office operations and manage their business data.


CRMs with Basic Features vs Custom Built

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With a strong CRM system, the broker can meet AML requirements, KYC data, perform analytics, facilitate deposit and withdrawal processing, data crunching on raw data and more. Through our CRM system, we can help you customize what you need. We can help you create features that facilitates your business niche. Personalized UIs, data management functions, customize your desired commission structures. We understand what a business needs to help them gain an edge in this competitive market, therefore, you will find that we provide an entry level CRM system that comes with standard functions to start a startup business’ operation, and as the business of the broker dealer grow, with versatility to our system, we can fully extend or modify the functions further. We listen to our customers.

To raise efficiency in the business operation, reduce time to process administration work. And to allow the business more time to focus on building new business is our goal. Reduce turnover time and help the business process valuable data is what our CRM aim to achieve.

As all businesses have their unique set of strategy to run their business operation, we always welcome prospective clients to look at our demos with standard features before deciding how they intend to build their ideal CRM. If the business have an extended idea out of the basic features we provide, we would work together with the prospective partner to run their ideas on the expanded, and we perform feasibility studies, ultimately finalizing on the delivery timeline of the final product.

Allowing your feet to get wet is the first baby step forward in business. As the business operate further and gain more experience and more defined as they get more experienced in day to day running, they would be able to develop their niche, and the backoffice would then change accordingly to their business niche. We have helped many businesses scale with our service, and we are business that constantly learn from our clients. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We are open for discussion and very happy to show you our demos. Reach us!!

by Grentone Meta Solutions Team

Original article: https://grentone.com/standard-crm-vs-customized-crm/

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