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Benidorm TV Writer Derren Litten Slams Hull Britannia Royal Hotel

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Hull Britannia Royal Hotel Has Been Slammed By Benidorm TV Writer Derren Litten

  • Benidorm Derren Litten Did Not Like His Stay At The Hull Britannia Royal Hotel
  • Hull Britannia Royal Hotel shocked at comments from Derren Litten

Benidorm’s TV Comedy show writer Darren Litten did not seem that impressed with his stay at a Hull Hotel. The writer who lives in the UK and Spain took to twitter to slam the four-star Britannia Royal Hotel.

According to the writer of Benidorm, the Hull Britannia Royal Hotel makes his fictional hotel The Solana hotel look like The Ritz.

After reports of a fire at the four-star Britannia Royal Hotel in Hull recently he tweeted, “I stayed there last year and it made The Solana look like The Ritz.

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“Thank God The Hilton is finally open for my next trip to Hull.”


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Derren Litten who was forced to deny his Benidorm TV show has been dropped has suffered a lot of backlash. A lot of fans have called for the show to be dropped with many saying it’s no longer funny, and others saying Derren is pulling at teeth to bring back the magic but failing.

Even the show is struggling to pull in more than four million viewers, it seems his stage show by the same name has got fans excited with many performances already sold out.

The Benidorm stage show will be coming to Hull from October 8 to October 13th where it will be held at Hull New Theatre. Let’s hope The Hilton makes Derren Litten happier.


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