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Can I Get A Refund If A Change Was Made To My Cruise Itinerary?

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Our cruise magazine team look at your rights for cruise compensation claims and cruise refunds. A lot of people complain when changes are made to their cruise itinerary and ask if I can get a refund if my cruise itinerary has been changed. Here, we look at your rights and what you can and cannot do.

Most cruise companies do cover themselves when it comes to changing the cruise itinerary. They have a clause in their T&Cs which states they can make changes to a cruise itinerary, which means you may not be entitled to a refund or be compensated for missing out on a port you really wanted to visit.

So, lets look at your rights and see if you can get a refund if your cruise itinerary has been changed.


Changes To Cruise Itinerary Before Departure

Can I Get A Refund If A Change Was Made To My Cruise ItineraryIf changes have been made to your cruise itinerary before your departure and you are not happy about those changes then regulation 12 and 13 of the Package Travel Regulations should apply. Although you may not be able to claim any cruise compensation, you may be able to claim for a refund.

So, lets have a look at an example at changes to your itinerary that you may not be happy with.

If you were booked on a Mediterranean cruise and you have been notified that the cruise will no longer travel around the Mediterranean, then under regulation 12 and 13 of the Package Travel Regulations you have the following options:

You can either:

  •    Request a full refund
  •     Request a substitute package of equal or greater value
  •     Request a substitute package of lower value with a price adjustment

If you have trouble contacting the travel agent or cruise agent over this issue, then remember to quote that you are entitled to these options under regulation 12 and 13 of the Package Travel Regulations.


Changes to Cruise Itinerary After Departure

cruise ItineraryIf you are onboard the cruise ship and the cruise itinerary changes then regulation 14 of the Package Regulation comes into force.

Although cruise companies do include a clause into the booking that changes can be made to the itinerary at any time, this does not mean that you have no rights when an itinerary has been changed.

A cruise liner cannot be held responsible if the cruise itinerary was changed due to adverse weather conditions, so no cruise compensation can be claimed.


Significant Changes To The Cruise Itinerary May Entitle You To Compensation

You may be entitled to cruise compensation if a significant proportion of your cruise holiday has been changed.

So, lets look at a typical cruise compensation claim:

If you have booked a cruse which has an itinerary of eight ports, but due to an engine fault you can only stop at five ports then that means you may be able to claim compensation for your cruise holiday. The reason for this is down to those missing ports which has spoilt the enjoyment of your cruise holiday and the full services advertise have not been provided.

When significant changes have been made to a cruise itinerary the cruise liner must make alternative arrangements and provide compensation for passengers affected.

It is important to check a few weeks before leaving for your cruise holiday to check for any changes to the itinerary.

A cruise holiday is exciting and allows people to visit lots of places. We have lots of different articles available including cruise frequently asked questions. Learn when the best time of the year to book a cruise.

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