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Grimsby Drivers Shocked At Petrol Prices

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Drivers in Grimsby are shocked at petrol prices edge closer to £2 a litre


Grimsby drivers are fearing for the future of petrol prices as petrol edges closer to £2 a litre. A service station on the M180 is already charging more than £2 for both petrol and diesel

In Skegness there is a petrol station that is already charging £1.97 a litre, and now it is feared within a week more petrol stations in Grimsby and surrounding areas in Lincolnshire including Scunthorpe, Boston, and Louth will charge £2 or more for a litre of petrol.

The A16 Esso garage is charging £1.83 per litre of petrol but it is feared that price will continue to increase over the next seven days. The lowest petrol station for fuel is currently Asda who are charging £1.74 for a litre, but that could soon change. Shell on the A46 is charging £1.79 while two petrol stations in Louth are charging £1.79. Sadly, these prices could change within hours.

It is feared that the average driver will be paying more than £100 to fill their car by next week while some are already paying more than £92 to fill their vehicle.

Transport companies are demanding that Boris Johnson does something to deal with the rising cost of fuel. It is feared that the continue rising cost of petrol will increase supermarket food prices, putting more strain on those already struggling.


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