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True Tesla Technologies Talks About Their Mission For Renewable Energy

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True Tesla Technologies Interview

With strange weather conditions around the world, the need for the transition to renewable energy is more important than ever before. With the damage being caused to the planet, twelve countries including the UK, Sweden, and the United States are leading the charge on renewable energy.

Although the likes of the United States and United Kingdom governments are the front runners in making serious changes to combat the damage that is being caused, they were not the first ones to campaign for change.

King Chares III at the age of 21 was very outspoken and campaigned for change. While he saw the damage that was being caused to the planet, many Governments around the world ignored what he was saying. But now in 2024, Governments are now taking notice with many crediting King Charles for his forward thinking.

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Renewable energy is not just helping to save the planet, renewable energy is also improving people’s health and generating much-needed jobs.

One company that has the same passion as King Charles III in their mission to making changes and using modern technology to produce renewable energy is True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) Limited.

True Tesla Technologies who are experts in the fields of Waste Management, Recycling and Green Technology are determined to be one of the leaders in the fight against climate change. So, we decided to sit down with the co-founder and find out what the future holds in their fight for renewable energy. This is what they had to say.


Could you please introduce yourself and your role at True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) Limited?

My name is Deane Thomas, and I am the co-founder of True Tesla Technologies in Mauritius and UK, Three T’s for short!  Since meeting Tomislav Tesla in 2014, and learning of his innovative ideas, I have created a roadmap for the development of several IPR’s.  My role is in shaping the best strategies for the business, establishing the regulatory protocols, and identifying potential target locations for our ideas. 

My objective is to guide the vision of the company, and provide solutions that allow us to merge the ideas in harmony with nature and our surroundings. Remaining flexible and open to adapting when necessary, ensuring our goals are attained.

True Tesla Technologies interview

Can you explain what Three T’s is and what the company aims to achieve?

Three T’s is a company dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions. We focus on innovative technologies like the Tesla Cascading Hydro Power Plant in Tamarin to generate clean, renewable energy efficiently.


True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) Limited has received a Provisional Energy Generation Permit from the Utility Regulatory Authority (URA) of Mauritius. How significant is this milestone for your company?

Receiving this permit is an achievement for us. It endorses our innovative approach and enables us to contribute significantly to Mauritius’ energy sector, paving the way for future projects and partnerships.


How does your company address climate change in its operations?

We prioritize climate conscious strategies by focusing on renewable energy sources that significantly reduce carbon emissions. Our projects align with Mauritius’ goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and achieving 60% of energy production from green sources by the same year.


Can you discuss the impact of Mauritius’ target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% and how your technology contributes to this goal?

Mauritius’ target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 is essential for combating climate change.

Our technology, such as the Tesla Cascading Hydro Power Plant, has an important role in achieving this goal by providing clean, renewable energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. This not only helps meet the country’s emission targets but also promotes sustainable development.


What specific projects or initiatives is Three T’s currently working on to promote renewable energy and sustainable development?

We are currently working on several renewable energy projects that leverage our advanced technology.

These projects focus on enhancing energy access, promoting sustainability, and driving economic growth. From solar power installations to hydroelectric projects, we’re dedicated to implementing solutions that address the energy needs of today while safeguarding the environment for tomorrow.

True Tesla Technologies renewable energy

Looking ahead, how do you envision Three T’s contributing to the energy landscape in Africa, especially for regions lacking access to reliable electricity?

We believe that Africa holds immense potential for renewable energy development. With millions of people lacking access to reliable electricity, there’s a critical need for sustainable energy solutions across the continent.

Three T’s is committed to expanding its presence in Africa, providing clean and affordable energy options that empower communities, drive economic growth, and foster sustainable development.


As technology continues to evolve, what future advancements or innovations do you foresee in the renewable energy sector, and how is your company positioned to embrace these changes?

Looking ahead, we envision significant advancements in renewable energy technologies. As a forward thinking company, Three T’s is prepared to embrace these changes and lead the way in sustainable energy innovation. From breakthroughs in energy storage to advancements in grid integration, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and driving positive change in the energy sector.


Can you share any plans or strategies Three T’s has for expanding its reach and impact in promoting renewable energy and sustainable development across Africa?

Our company’s expansion plans extend beyond Mauritius, with a focus on scaling our impact across Africa and beyond. We’re actively exploring new partnerships, projects, and initiatives that will enable us to reach more communities, expand access to clean energy, and contribute to sustainable development goals on a global scale.

By leveraging our expertise and technology, we aim to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


For more information about True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) Limited, please visit http://www.teslas.world/

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