Face Masks Must Be Worn On Public Transport Says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson brings back Face Mask to combat the spread of Covid

  • Boris Johnson brings back some old measures after a new Covid Variant has hit the UK


The Prime Minister has announced that it is now mandatory to wear a face mask on public transport and in shops.

Boris Johnson re-introduced the measures after it was revealed that the new Covid Variant has hit our shores.

That means, in Alford and the rest of Lincolnshire we can expect to see people wearing face masks again when they go into shops and on public transport.

The Prime Minister said in a press conference that he will review the measures in three weeks to see if the face mask rules are to stay, and if new measures are to be introduced.

He also announced that anyone entering the UK must now take a PCR test on the second day after arriving. They will have to self-isolate until a negative test is provided.

Speaking at the conference Mr Johnson said: “We don’t know how effective our vaccines will be.”

“But we have good reasons to believe they will provide at least some measure of protection.”

Some experts have criticised the Prime Minister for relaxing the rules on face masks, as well as acting too quickly to remove measures that were combating the spread of the virus.