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Table Talk At Trump Card Bridge Club: A Captivating Debut Novel Available Worldwide

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The bridge world hopefully is abuzz with the release of “Table Talk At Trump Card Bridge Club,” the debut novel by Craig Bradwell. This remarkable book, available on Amazon and distributed worldwide through Ingram Spark, takes readers on a journey through the world of bridge, youth, and nostalgia. It pays tribute to the Grimsby Bridge Club in Lincolnshire, UK, which is now down to its last 12 members, and celebrates the club’s golden days when every table was taken and the atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and joy.


A Debut Novel with a Unique Twist

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“Table Talk At Trump Card Bridge Club” is a captivating debut novel that breathes new life into the game of bridge. At its core, it is a heartfelt tale of learning, growth, and the enduring bonds forged through the art of bridge. What sets this novel apart is its unique perspective—a story of youth bridge that harkens back to the author’s own experiences learning the game at the age of 11.


“Bridge rescued me from a world of bullying and five years of torment during my secondary school years. It provided me with a sense of purpose and became a lifelong companion,” says author Craig Bradwell. “To me, bridge has always been more than just a game; it was my best friend and saviour. ‘Table Talk At Trump Card Bridge Club’ pays homage to my personal journey into the world of bridge and the countless joyful hours spent around the bridge table “

A Tribute to Grimsby Bridge Club

This novel also serves as a touching tribute to the Grimsby Bridge Club. Nestled in the heart of North East Lincolnshire, this club was once a thriving hub for bridge enthusiasts and a pillar of the community. The book mourns the decline of the club, while at the same time, it celebrates the club’s vibrant past when every table was occupied, and the rooms buzzed with laughter and competition.

In a heartfelt dedication within the book, Craig Bradwell writes, ” I look forward to seeing you all soon in that playing room in the sky and catching up on old times. Keep my seat warm and waiting my old friends and partners.”

Table Talk At Trump Card Bridge Club

The Novel’s Enchanting Story

“Table Talk At Trump Card Bridge Club” takes readers on a journey through the life of its young protagonist’s, Sophie, Craig, James and Emily, who all discover bridge at an early age. The narrative seamlessly weaves together the trials and tribulations of Youth Bridge with the everyday life of a bridge club told through the eyes of both club members and the young students.

The book is filled with vivid descriptions of the bridge games played at the fictional Trump Card Bridge Club which are based on the authors own experiences of playing at Grimsby Bridge Club, bringing the tension, excitement, and complexity of the game to life. Craig Bradwell’s prose expertly captures the essence of bridge, making it accessible and engaging for both experienced players and newcomers.

As Craig, James, Sophie and Emily explore the secrets of the game, they uncover the rich history and traditions of the Trump Card Bridge Club and meets a diverse cast of characters, each with their own stories to tell, all bound by their shared love for bridge.


A Literary Triumph

“Table Talk At Trump Card Bridge Club” is more than just a bridge novel; it’s a testament to the enduring power of human connection, the passage of time, and the preservation of cherished memories. It is a literary triumph that will resonate with readers of all ages, bridge enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the beauty of nostalgia.

Craig Bradwell’s debut novel invites readers to rediscover the joy of bridge, the magic of storytelling, and the bonds that bridge generations.



“Table Talk At Trump Card Bridge Club” is now available on Amazon and for worldwide distribution through Ingram Spark. For more information and to purchase the book, please visit Amazon or Ingram Spark.





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