Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Grimsby Sainsbury’s delivery driver ‘urinated in bottle and left it next to fresh food’

A Grimsby delivery driver working for Sainsbury's has been accussed of weeing in a bottle and leaving it next to fresh food in his van

  • Customers of a Grimsby Sainsbury store appalled after delivery driver urinated in a bottle and left it next to fresh food to be delivered to customers.


A Sainsbury’s delivery driver has shocked customers after an accusation was made that they urinated in a bottle and left it in his van next to customer’s fresh food.

According to reports, the unnamed Sainsbury’s delivery driver urinated in a bottle instead of visiting a toilet while out delivering food to customers in Grimsby.

Another member of staff was horrified to find the bottle when were assigned the same van for their shift.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said they are aware of the incident which took place earlier this year and immediate action was taken. They also said that all of their colleagues are trained to meet the strict hygiene standards.

Some people who were shocked with the delivery driver pointed out that there are many places to go to the toilet in and around Grimsby. However, some people came to their defence.

People who claim they are delivery drivers have said you have lots of deliveries to make in a short space of time and finding a toilet can be hard.

Sainsbury’s have refused to say what action was taken against the driver.


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