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Grimsby Residents Hit Out At Grimsby MP Lia Nici

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Grimsby Residents Not Happy With Grimsby MP Lia Nici Backing Boris Johnson

Lia Nici, The MP for Grimsby has found herself on the wrong side of the voter after defending Boris Johnson.

The MP turned to Twitter after Boris Johnson resigned as an MP and said, “ Boris Johnson ‘did more for Grimsby than any other politician in generations, if ever’. She said in her tweet that it was an ‘incredibly sad day for democracy’ Although the tweet gained more than 300 likes, other Grimsby and Cleethorpes residents were not happy with her statement.

Lia Nici has been selected to stand at the next General Election for the Conservative Party which has shocked many local Grimsby residents. Some people don’t understand why someone who failed the Grimsby area while serving as an MP should be re-selected.

Insiders at the Conservative Party believe her ill-advised statement will result in those who voted for her at the last General Election turning their backs on her. Political experts believe due to the statement backing Boris Johnson, and with the Labour Party determined to grab the Grimsby seat, that Lia Nici has little to no chance of winning her seat back.

Those who were disgusted with her Twitter statement include Nick Robinson who said “He’s a liar and a disgrace, neither he or you have done anything for our area. Johnson has made us the laughing stock of the world.”

June Mummery who was also shocked with the statement by Lia Nici replied: “OMG ! He sold out Grimsby. He betrayed the UK fishing industry. He gave away our territorial waters, 200 nautical miles. You need to consider your position if you think he has done more for Grimsby than any other politician, how do you work that out?”

Marc Brunel-Walker said: “It’s really not a sad day for democracy – he lied, he ignored the rules, his “get Brexit done” has damaged the economy of this country for a generation or more ……”

Lia Nici who previously served as a councillor for the Scartho ward before she was elected in 2019 was the first Tory MP to represent Grimsby since 1945.

She claimed when Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister that the majority of her constituents wanted Boris Back as PM, but according to the replies she got from the Tweet, she could be very wrong.

Time will tell if the Tweet has damaged her chances of regaining her seat for Grimsby, but many political experts believe her political career is over.

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