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Greater Manchester Tier 3 lockdown rules explained

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The Manchester Tier 3 news was something that the people living and working in Manchester were hoping could be avoided. However, the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester are now in Tier 3 lockdown, which means all bars and pubs must shut.

This is not great news for the pubs and bars in Manchester. The only way they can stay open is if they serve food.

Manchester Tier 3 status was not an easy decision to make according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The government rules are set to cause misery for those living in Manchester. One of the COVID-19 rules include no mixing of households in indoor or most outdoor settings. This is going to be very hard for millions of people.

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The Tier 3 rules are very complicated and do contradict themselves. For example, you can meet other households in some public outdoor settings like a beach or a park if you follow the rule of six. Not that Manchester has a beach.


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The new Manchester Tier rules can be complicated, even some of the Government ministers don’t understand them. That is why we have listed the Tier 3 lockdown rules so the people of Manchester know what they can and cannot do.


Manchester Tier 3 Rules:

  • No socialising with people who are not part of your household or social bubble in any indoor setting or private garden or most outdoor hospitality venues.
  • You can meet people in certain outdoors settings such as in parks as long as you follow the rule of six.
  • All pubs and bars must close unless they sell food. Restaurants can stay open. Alcohol can only be sold as part of a meal.
  • Manchester Tier 3 rules advise people in Manchester not to travel ourside of the area. However it has not been made illegal.
  • You must avoid staying overnight in an area, not in Tier 3. The Government don’t want people from other tiers to stay overnight in Manchester Tier 3 areas.
  • Weddings in Manchester can still go ahead as long as their are no more than 15 guests. Sadly, wedding receptions are not allowed.
  • Funerals can still take place but only with up to 30 guests and up to 15 at wakes and related ceremonies.
  • Schools, universities and retail outlets are allowed to stay open.

  Other Tier 3 rules for Manchester include betting shops, casinos, bingo halls, adult gaming centres, and soft play areas must close by October 23rd.

The COVID-19 rules has also resulted in Skate Manchester being cancelled until next year.

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