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CEO-AF Empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs with its renowned Warrior Program

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Coaching consultancy agency specializes in the life, business, and spiritual development of its clients to make them well-rounded individuals

CEO-AF, a cutting-edge coaching agency, launched its Warrior Program to empower business owners to live a life by design. The company developed the Warrior Program to mentor business owners in different areas to help them take control.

Founded by co-owners Kimba Garcia and Amanda Bell, CEO-AF works with clients on stress regulation through mediation, building standard operating procedures, marketing plans, hiring employees, and tracking finances. Garcia and Bell and 8 figure multi business owners. The Successful female entrepreneurs are now helping others achieve their goals through the renowned Warrior Program. 

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Business isn’t CEO-AF’s sole focus when working with clients. The company helps clients in other areas, including life and spiritual development. Clients can sign-up for the CEO-AF Warrior Program which contains three levels. 

CEO-AF’s coaches will teach clients focus, power, and stability in business and life; while mindset is also a key area of the Warrior Program. In addition, clients will build systems of process, accountability, finances, and investment. CEO-AF makes it possible for clients to learn, grow, and develop. The Warrior Program costs $1,500 a month, and some clients reported over 300% growth in their first 12 months using the program.

“We know that if we can get the business cash flowing and focused on specific business areas, they can focus on their true soul contracts of purpose and impact,” Garcia said. “A lot of these business owners have momentum going in a good direction. When we add intention and structure to that, the results compound down.”

The CEO-AF coaching team recently visited Win the Storm conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The conference focused on the roofing and solar power industries. Coaches Mercedes Davis, Rachel Pietersen, and Chief Discovery Office Jessica Delvecchio attended and added their energy to the event. The CEO-AF booth was a success at the conference and signed up industry leaders for the Warrior Program for mentoring. 

Warrior Program

CEO-AF is disrupting the coaching sector. The company’s Warrior Program is changing lives, business careers, and spiritual development. The business leaders and coaches that created CEO-AF are helping others achieve their goals. Learn more about the Warrior Program by visiting the CEO-AF website.

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